Research Project on Implications of Digital Technologies in Employment Relationship

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TITLE: Implications of Digital Technologies in employment relationsip– Acase study on 7 Stars, UK.TASK 1P1. Research Proposal and Literature ReviewIntroductionDigital technology considers important role for business growth and ascertain creativeresults in environment. In this regard, several activities help to conduct different businessoperations with advancing activities and ascertain more profitability as well. In addition to this, italso encourages to perform different activities in the market that are needed to increase profitsand revenues (Oldham and Da Silva, 2015). Furthermore, it helps to reduce cost which incurredin the business enterprise. With the help of creating benefits at workplace, small business able tocreate better production and support with customer services. In addition to this, technical supportis also implemented which ascertained to develop international business activities at workplace.Small business is also getting several benefits with this regard that assists to attain customers increative manner. Advertisement and other activities also consider better operations in the targetmarket.Background and RationaleIn selected business Apple Guest House, there are several customers has been attracted toattain more creative work performances. On the basis of aims and objectives, tools andtechniques has been implemented to focus and maintain more relevant work performances. In thechosen business all time services undertaken that increases loyalty and maintain successfuloperations as well(Kehoe and Mateer, 2015).With the help of technical support and services,effective operations and functions has been revealed to make large business. Implementation ofdigital technology in small business ascertained to attain more innovative and creative workperformances so that it would be helpful to perform systematic results at workplace.Furthermore, this research also assists to make new areas of operations that helps to focus onsignificant advantages and creativity as well.Aims and Objectives1
Aim:To analysis implications of digital technology in employment relationship – A Case Studyon The 7 Stars UK.ObjectivesTo understand the implementation of digital technology on small business.To identify factors that promote digital technology in employment relationship.To demonstrate relationship between growth of SME and digital technology.To ascertain the role of HR in a successful implementation of digital technologies inSME.To recommend ways through SME able to increase their performances in significantmannerResearch QuestionsWhat do you understand by the implementation of digital technology on small business?What are the factors that promote digital technology on SME activities?How to demonstrate relationship between growth of SME and digital technology?What are the recommendations will you provide to increase performances of The 7 StarsUK?HypothesisDigital technology creates major impact on employment relationshipDigital technology not create impact on SME.Literature reviewImplementation of digital technology on small businessesAccording to the point of Piccinini, Hanelt and Kolbe, (2015), digital technology helps tomake creative work performances in small businesses. Therefore, desired results will be attainwith using innovative characteristics. Different issues and problems would be solved throughundertake different areas of operations. Hence, it will help to maintain competitive results and ITsolution that develop with digital transformation. On the basis of this activity, results will becompleted to focus and maintain creative results.On the other hand, Taylor, Fritsch andLiederbach, (2014) stated that there are several perspectives exist that helps to implement digitaltechnology such as big data, artificial intelligent, mobile, etc. These elements help to considertraditional security devices and similar example as well. In order to keep changes in thetechnological scenario, companies need to make several changes in their structure which support2
to the business. It is known as the digital transformation to understand meaning of effectivenessand create positive results at workplace.In addition to this, Sevillano-García and Vázquez-Cano, (2015) argued that digitaltransformation for small business helps to maintain loyalty and attain innovations with mobileapp and website. It is considered as the first strategy which assists to address basic desire such asconvenience, discounts, etc. With the help of the unique experience, loyalty program will beincreasing so that app gives investment to the organisation to develop their profitability andattain more significant results at workplace. However, Piccinini, Hanelt and Kolbe, (2015)explored their ideas that in different areas of small business digital technology consider severaladvantages to maintain effectiveness. It will help to focus on the more profits and revenueearning activities that are taken as the more important goals and objectives. Furthermore,advantages and disadvantages of the research also develop to attain creativity in the enterprise. Itwill perceive systematic work performance to deal with innovating results.Factors included to promote digital technology on SME activitiesIn order to consider point ofFenwick and Edwards, (2016),digital technology helps tocreate operations and functions for small and medium sector businesses. With this consideration,several elements included to attain more desired and innovative functions at workplace. Thereare positive skills also implement that make successful operations which recognised to makesystematic work performances.Changes in the business environment also consider major impactto regulate capabilities towards the business goals and objectives. It enables to exploitopportunities for the enterprise. Furthermore, Laudon and Laudon, (2015) stated that range ofhigh level professional capabilities consider with technical skills. It includes broaderorganisational competencies which increase market results such as domain knowledge, strategicand operational management skills, etc. Digital skills develop thematic focus on the researchwith ascertain different kinds of EU initiatives in recent year. It helps to focus on the addresseddigital skills that play very important role on the economic drivers.Furthermore, Chaudron, Beutel and Mascheroni, (2015) argued that high investmentneeded in SME for its development. In this regard, it is important to increase particularknowledge for up skills programme in significant manner. Finding initiative offers considerformal educational qualifications which extent into the SME sector. It is related with the in-depthexploration on the ground of critical success. Along with this, Di Cesare, Harwood and Rowsell,3
(2016) generated their views that small enterprise considers their activities to target new peoplein the business. It will help to attain desired goals and objectives in the different areas of theworld. As results, enterprise also able to communicate their goals and objectives in new aspectsof the whole market.Relationship between growth of SME and digital technology implicationIn respect to consider views of Arts, van der Wal and Adams, (2015), digital technologyplays very important role in the business success to focus on the more business development. Inthis regard, in global business environment there are major issues occurs due to fundamentaltransformation. Information technology create real impact in the most industries so thatenterprise will grow continuously with different changes. Along with this, Enright and Gard,(2016) consider their views that SME drawing to attention which develop transition in thecountry to focus on the environment development. In this regard, it is important to focus on theeconomic and social development which proposed for necessary elements. There is positiverelationship between implications and maintain high growth in the business. Therefore, it isimportant steadily increasing profits and revenue to make creative impact on the competitiveadvantages.Furthermore, Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, (2015) consider views that encouragementdigital technology impact positively on the diver’s activities of the chosen business. As results, ithelps to focus on the expertise and explore digital illiteracy in the market. With consideration ofinformation technology infrastructure, there are high taxation need to regulated which helps tofocus on the information technology development program. Competencies also assists to provideproper support and helps to SME to use better information technology.P2. Appropriate Research MethodsIn respect to collect information and data, it is essential to use different tools that assist tomeet with desired goals and objectives. With this consideration, effectiveness increasing to makecreative results at workplace. Hence, primary and secondary both kinds of data consider meetwith business goals and objectives easily. It is the most important element that helps to maintainunderstanding that is important to analyse aims and objectives (Mackey and Gass, 2015).Conducting a relevant research helps in identifying fresh and relevant data which is useful tomaintain effectiveness as well.4
Besides this, data analysis is also an important tool that helps to create proper researchand investigation for effective results at workplace. With this way, data interpretation considersframing of characteristics on the basis of different aspects that assists to conduct proper researchin business environment. Certain questions have been asked from 20 employees of The 7 Stars,UK.In the present research, qualitative data analysis method implemented that assists toperform functions and operations in creative manner. With this regard, as per authors Saunders,Lewis and Thornton different kinds of business research method implemented such as tutorialexcel, SPSS, etc. Along with this, it also helps to communicate online searching guide whichconsider internet in whole research program. On the basis of different methods, it can be statedthat research methodology implemented at workplace. Hence, review and discussion ascertainedto attain overall results.Research philosophy: In the preset study interpretivism research design has been followed whichhelps to find in-depth information with specific tool.Research design: Furthermore, in the study descriptive research design assists to focus ongaining descriptive information to collect relevant data and information.Research strategy: From the qualitative and quantitative research strategy, researcher focus onqualitative data collection that would be helpful to attain desire results.Research approach: In the present study deductive research approach has been followed thatwould be beneficial to contain information general to specific.Data collection: In this study, primary and secondary both kinds of data useful that collect togain more desired level of results. In order to consider primary data, researcher implementsurvey which based on questionnaire that design with SPSS tool. Along with this, secondaryinformation has been collected with using different sources such as books, journals, articles, etc.Data analysis: With the help of thematic data analysis, it can be stated that researcher able tocommunicate their interpretation as per different themes.Sampling: On the basis of the data collection, researcher consider simple random sampling inwhich 20 sample size has been selected. There are 20 respondents has been selected on whichresearch consider and attain more specific work performances.5
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