Effects of Globalisation: Case Study of Tesco

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TITLE:“An Investigation into the impact of globalization on business operations". A Case ofTesco Plc.CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTIONOverview of the ResearchGlobalization is determined as an effective procedure of fundamental interaction andintegration among individuals, organization or government across the globe. Globalization isalso considered as a changes in the world where an individual is moving away from selfcontained countries and towards a more integrated world (Yu and Ramanathan, 2012).Globalization is a wider term which stand for the global consolidation of international trade,finance, information technology and culture. Governing norms are created to open economicsystem domestically as well as worldwide to boost up the evolution in undeveloped countries andraise standards of living for their people. Thus these policies have designed an international freemarket which is effective in providing benefits to international business firms in the westernworld to the element of smaller business, common people and culture. Globalization has a directinfluence of the transaction of an organization, thus in this contemporary business era rivalryamong competitors is on its peak and organizational concerns are centered on enhnacing theiroperations at global level in respect to enhancing its performance and operations. On a businesslevel, globalization has a huge impact on an firms product life cycle and the balance sheet of thefirm. In UK, retail is the most developing sector that has a vast impact on the economic growthof the country. the major motive of retail sector is to fulfilling the basic desires and preferencesof people at global commercial centre in respect to developing benefits for firm as well as foreconomic development. Tesco Plc is the chosen organization for this specific report and it is thebiggest British multinational company which operates in grocery and general merchandisingretailer (Wood, Wrigley and Coe, 2016). The potential motive of the firm is to creatingawareness about their offerings at global level in respect to maintain high brand image atdomestic as well as international market.1
Background of the ResearchGlobalization is a crucial concept that has become the major aspect in business life duringthe last few decades. This element impacts the economy, organizational life, social group andenvironment in assorted manner, and almost all organizations have been impacted through thechanges that are occurs in globalization. These alteration are mainly connected to developingcompetition and the rapid changes of technology and data transfer.Globalization hasconsiderable, a huge impact on the operations and function of an organization (Ndhlovu, 2012).Globalized operations of a small as well as large business enterprises helps in enhancing themarket reach of firm, however it create benefits in attainment of higher growth and competitiveedge within the commercial center.Tesco Plc is a well known and largest retail organization.Which operated its business operations all over the globe. The company was established in theyear of 1919 by the significant efforts of Jack Cohen who is known as the group of market stalls.The headquarter of the firm is in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England, UnitedKingdom. The company mainly offers high quality grocery and general merchandising serviceswith the help of their outlets and stores.The significant aim of the firm is to conduct globalizedoperations for the purpose of attaining high profits and revenue. Customers are considered to bethe primary concern of an organization and Tesco Plc is widely focused on using gaining theattention of people at global level through enhancing its offering and operations at wide scale.Reason for Choosing the TopicThe investigation into practical action is based on the influence of globalization on theorganizational activities or operations. Globalizationis considered as a wide area of study whichperforms effective role in developing the operations and function of a business in efficaciousway. The potential reason for choosing the study is to developing the knowledge base ofindividual in the domain of the significance of globalization and its importance for businessgrowth. The present area of study helps in providing a significant detail in regards to the theessential elements of globalization within the business operations and its various benefits whichhas a huge influence on the profitability of the firm (Miozzo, Yamin and Ghauri, 2012). Thus adeep analysis on the specified area helps an individual in enhancing their knowledge base anddevelop their skills to determining the aspects of globalization in respect to conduct internationaloperations for an organization. Another reason for conducting the research is to develop a2
theoretical frame work which helps the people in analyzing the consequences of globalizationand its influence on the business operations at large level.Reason for choosing the ResearchThe chosen area of study is depend on the detailed investigation of the impact ofglobalization on business operations. globalization is an important aspect which plays effectiverole in developing the business operations of the firm at large scale. This is a wide area of studywhich provides a an appropriate knowledge and idea about the specified concept which helps anindividual in enhancing their knowledge and ability. The major reason behind conducting theresearch the personal interest of the investigator as the the proper study is done the by researcherfor the purpose of enhancement of its personal interest in the area of globalization. the presentresearch work will also provides helps a learner in developing the skills and knowledge in theterms of globalization and its influence on the business activities of an organization at globallevel (Maon and Lindgreen, 2015). In today's modern and competitive era it is required for eachindividual to have suitable knowledge in respect to the aspect of globalization and its influenceon the business operations of small or large organizations at global scale. The present conductedresearch is effective in providing a significant idea and knowledge about the terms ofglobalization and this create value for an individual to enhance their knowledge base and abilityso that their future goals and objectives can be attained in positive manner.Research AimThis is the primary aspect of each research project, the significant aim of the research isto create measurable and testable research aim which gradually adding to the collection of humanknowledge. Research aim is also considered as a predetermined broad statements of desiredresults and outcomes, or the general intentions of the specified area of study, which 'represents apicture' of the research project in viable manner. The major goal of the desired study is“AnInvestigation into the impact of globalization on business operations". A Case of Tesco Plc.Research ObjectivesA research objective is a broad, aphoristic and declarative argument which gives anappropriate path to the researcher to investigate the variables in effective manner (Manning,2013). This is also an essential aspect of introduction section as in this the aim of the research isexplained in different statements for the purpose of analysing the target of research in effective3
manner. This part is interlinked with the aim of the research and gives appropriate direction tosection of literature. The necessary objectives of this research are evaluated as under:To analyse the concept of globalisation and how its benefits to Tesco PlcTo identify emerging economies for brand development by Tesco PlcTo assess the current global requirement for Tesco Plc.To suggest how Tesco can improve its global operations.Research QuestionsWhat is the concept of globalisation and its benefits to Tesco Plc?How to determine the current global requirement for Tesco Plc?How to identify emerging economies for brand development for Tesco Plc?What are the suggestions for development techniques for improving operationalframework in Tesco Plc?Time ScaleThis is the most essential aspect of research investigation as it plays effective role incompletion of the research within the given time duration (Lasserre, 2017). During theimplementation of the research the major obligation of the researcher is to create a suitable timeframe in which all research elements are mentioned as per the precedence of the explorationtask, so that proper execution can be made. At the time of conducting a research project aspecified duration of time is mention in which it is necessary for the investigator to complete theresearch work in systematic manner, thus time scale helps the investigator in completion of theresearch as per the given time frame.4
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