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Running head: RESEARCH PROPOSALResearch Proposal on “How has the music industry been affected by the internet and digitaldownloading?”Name of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1RESEARCH PROPOSAL1.0 Introduction, Aims and Objectives1.1 Background of the studyThe rise and the growth of internet and technology in the past few decades have changedthe way of life of people. Every phase and everything in the lives of the people has changedforever after the internet and advanced technology had captured the world. Music industry is noexception. Widespread reach of the internet and the technology of digital downloading had cast asignificantly huge impact on the contemporary music industry (Trabucchiet al.2017).According to the experts, there is both positive and negative impact of the internet and advanceddigital technology on the music industry. Illegal downloading of music is one of the biggestdownside effects of the internet and digital downloading that has been affecting the musicindustry (Bacache-Beauvallet, Bourreau and Moreau 2015). As the technology is becoming moreadvanced overtime, the incidence of illegal music downloading is increasing too.Internet has made music download possible, legally as well as illegally. Internet, coupledwith digital downloading technology, has become a big threat to the survival of the musicindustry. The illegal music download was possible by the internet due to the technology orsoftware allowing the peer-to-peer files transfer between several internet users at the same time(Sinclair and Green 2016). This practice has always been violating the copyright rules. Music isa creative art, which is copyrighted to protect the intellectual property and it is not allowed to beshared in this way. However, there is no proven and effective way to stop this practicealtogether. This has affected the business of the music industry in a negative manner.Belleflamme and Peitz (2014) say that the creation of music has never stopped, but thecompanies that publish those copyrighted music through CDs and DVDs, lose out a big amountof revenue from the sales due to the digital downloading and this has led to a fall in the profit of
2RESEARCH PROPOSALthose companies, making it difficult for them to sustain. However, digital downloading also has apositive impact on the music industry as it spreads the music to far wide corners of the world(Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf 2016).1.2 Aim and objectives1.2.1 Research aimAim of this research paper is to evaluate the impact of internet and digital downloading on themusic industry of the world.1.2.2 Research objectivesThe objectives of this research paper are:To examine the technological revolution in the music industryTo explore the impact of technology of digital downloading and internet on the globalmusic industry2.0 Literature review2.1 Evolution of the music industryMusic has been one of the most popular arts since the beginning of history. It plays amajor role in the different cultures of mankind cross the world. In the past 150 years, music of alltypes has gone through a huge revolution. The technological revolution has affected the musicindustry too like the all other industries. Music has transformed from just a sound note to digitalcoding with the help of technology (Lebler and Weston 2015). From phonograph to mp3 files,music has travelled a big journey within a very short span of time. The technologies thatcontributed in the digital transformation of the music are phonograph, radio, television, electric
3RESEARCH PROPOSALinstruments,synthesizers, cassettes and CDs, DVDs, MP3 or peer-to-peer trading, iPod andstreaming (Gebesmair 2017). Themusic industry depends on the creation and publishing ofmusic, creating a brand for the musicians and a source of earning revenue.The technological revolution has changed the facet of the music industry. Before thetechnological advancement, music used to be confined to particular regions. When people startedto record the music in the form of phonograph record, it started to spread across the world andthe music industry was created. Radio and television also helped in globalization of music(Frith2016). The musicians started to record their music under the recording companies and sellingthose records would yield revenue to both the musician and the recording companies. With theadvancement of technologies, the music industry grew into a magnificent business andestablished strict copyright rules. Not only the music creating and recording techniques andsoftware have changed, but the type of business has changed too. The digitalization of music hasopened new channels for earning revenue (Thompson 2017). At the same time, it also facesmany risks of the piracy and fall in business revenue, which is creating big issues to the musicindustry.2.2 Different aspects of internet and digital downloadingDiscovery of internet is one of the biggest successes of the modern world. Due to theinternet, people’s way of life has changed. Music industry is no exception. As the technologieshave changed the nature of music files and introduced music sharing options, such as, digitaldownloading and streaming, people find it convenient to listen to the music online or download it
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