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Research Proposal on Suicide in Australia

Added on - 07 Apr 2020

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Running Head : RESEARCH PROPOSAL1Research ProposalNameInstitutionDate
RESEARCH PROPOSAL2Research ProposalTopic: Suicide in AustraliaTitle: Increased suicide cases in AustraliaSection 1: Purpose of researchPurpose of this research is to carry out a comprehensive investigation mainly on the reasons forthe increasing rates of suicide cases in Australia despite it being ranked as one of the happiestand developed economies in the world. It will also outline the main communities affected bysuicidal cases and the main effects of these increasing cases to both the affected communitiesand also the country at large. An outline of the various recommendations of how the governmentcan act on this problem by providing probable solution on the problem.Section 2: Research questionWhat are the main reasons for the increasing rate of suicide cases in Australia?Section 3: Study aimsa.To identify the main reasons why there are so many cases of suicide in Australia.b.To identify the main communities with high cases of suicide in Australia.c.To identify the effects of this increasing suicide cases to both the community and thecountry at large.d.To identify and recommend some of the ways the country can apply to solve suicideissue.
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