Sexual harassment at workplace

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Running head: research proposal1RESEARCH PROPOSAL ON SEXUAL HARRASSMENT IN THE WORK PLACEPresented byStudent affiliationSupervisor19th, May 2018
Running head: research proposal21.0.IntroductionSexual harassment at workplace is one of negative outcomes that are discouraged inorganizations. Sexual harassments are not only physical in nature they can also be sexuallyoriented remarks which are offensive and illegal towards the other gender. In most cases thevictims of sexual harassments are found to be of the female gender. Sexual harassment to themale gender can occur in the work place but it remains unreported or prosecuted in work places.Examples of sexual harassments is using inappropriate language, touching on unwanted partsindecency, and asking for sexual favours(Schneider, Swan, & Fitzgerald, 1997).Organizationshave implemented policies and legislations to curb the problem, and is reported that someculprits have been prosecuted after being found to have committed sexual harassment.International manufacturing firm Dubois Industries is facing sexual harassment allegations thathave dented the image of the company(Morral, Gore & Schell, 2016).From the corridor ofjustice the company was found guilty of harbouring sexual harassments and was punished.The allegations of sexual harassment and assault have become an external problem rather thanbeing an internal problem. Rumours have been spreading within and outside the organization forseveral months. It is even reported that cover up is taking place to ensure culprits are notidentified and prosecuted(Lockhart, 2016). In other reports it showed that the organization lacksleadership morality to curb the problem of sexual harassments. Several media have covered thestory of the company and outlined how it has taken root inside the organization. The culture isdeep rooted and widespread among the employees. The company seeks with consultation withresearch experts to maintain its reputation by identifying and making suitable measures andpolicies to manage the problem.1.2. Research objectives and questionsThe study is aimed at establishing allegations of sexual harassment misconduct at Duboisindustries. The study is guided by the following research questions:i.To find out the incidence of sexual harassment at Dubois industriesii.To establish the nature and causes of sexual harassment at Dubois industriesiii.To identify the suitable policies to curb sexual harassments at Dubois industries
Running head: research proposal3In guidance with the objectives the study will be seeking answers for the following researchquestions:i.What is the level of incidence of sexual harassment at Dubois industries?ii.What are the nature and causes of sexual harassments at Dubois industries?iii.Are there suitable policies to curb cases of sexual harassments at Dubois industries?1.4. Expected outcomesFindings from the research on the company is hoped to be beneficial to the Dubois industries,employees, and other organizations. It is expected that there are cases and incidences of sexualharassments in the organizations. The findings will be positively helpful for the management toformulate relevant polices and legislations that will help curb the problem in hand. Employeeswill be able to know areas and sections that are affected by cases of sexual harassments andallow them to reform. The outcome of the study is ought to help the country in policyformulation of the country. Identification of the problem will justify the existence of the problemand become a suitable avenue to reform the problem.1.5. Critical review of literatureThe spectrum of sexual harassments in work place covers a several cases from insults to physicalcontacts. It is reported that the abuser is motivated with own interest taking advantage of thesituations making the other person emotionally tortured from the act. Sexual harassment or abusecan take different forms depending on the nature of abuse (Morral, Gore & Schell,2016).Physical sexual harassment can lead to emotional injuries that affect an individualwellbeing. Sexual harassment in work places which is physical in nature is hard to prove in mostcase and remain unnoticed or reported due to lack of evidence. An abuser will continue with thebehavior not knowing it is a wrongful or illegal act. Victim’s reactions to sexual harassmentrequire boldness and aggressiveness or else they would shy off from the act fearing to getrebukes from their workmates. Their reactions to sexual harassments will depend on the way thevictims disclose the nature of sexual harassments face (Morral, Gore & Schell, 2016).In some of the countries in South East Asia like: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait beingpurely Muslim governed states issues of sexual harassments is directed on women socialdiscriminations as being part and parcel of their cultures and beliefs. Women are sexual harassed
Running head: research proposal4in social places; leadership positions and accessibility to equal resources, there regard women aspart of their properties that need to be taken care of part of this South East Asia contributes to72% of all the women sexual harassments and discriminations in the world. It is interesting thatin this region, Muslims prohibits use of alcohol related substances, and one can only find 2% ofthe entire population taking alcohol(McDonald, Charlesworth & Graham, 2015)Studies have shown that sexual harassment scope is wider and it’s not delimiting itself onmaking inappropriate sexual advances. In fact, sexual harassment covers emotional injuriescaused to the other parties through use of suggestive approaches. In many of the work places thesexual harassment acts specify wider examples of sexual harassment in the workplace, theysharing sexual oriented materials and communications to simple sexual talks in the work place.Sexual harassment materials and ingredients include: sending inappropriate images or videos,pornography sharing, and enticements using salacious gift with work mates. Other informalcommunications can be termed to be sexual harassments for example using inappropriate signs,figurations, gestures, whistling and showing undesired images and even making lewd jokes.Sexual harassments then represent certain acts that the victim’s feels are against normal relationsat the work place (Buchanan, Settles, Wu & Hayashino, 2018).In developed countries found in Europe cases of sexual harassments and abuse at work place areat lower percentage, only 7 -10% of world cases are reported in these countries. Womenempowerment, proper legislations and men education and awareness programs is the mainreasons contributing to lower cases of sexual harassments in the work place. It is only UnitedStates that is reported to have a significant number of women falling as victims in work places.The judiciary system in United States as seen cases filed on work mates on sexual harassments,and women abuse, the main causes of such conflicts abuses is based on drug related activities,financial and infidelity cases in society and work places(Buchanan, Settles, Wu & Hayashino,2018).Several countries have formulated laws and legislations and that is represented by the sexualoffences and harassment acts at work places. The use of the act has increased the intensity ofcharges on those found to have socially sexually harassed in the work place (Barling, Rogers &Kelloway, 2001). Although legislations was skewed on sexual harassments offences it hasmanaged to regulate sexual gender harassments in the work place, fewer and fewer cases have
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