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Running head: RESEARCH PROJECTThe impact of motivation in reducing employee turnover in working organizationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1RESEARCH PROJECTIntroductionMotivation is the factor that develops a need and energy in an individual to achieve a goaland fulfill a purpose of an endeavor. Motivation works on many levels in a business organization(Maslow 2013). A company conducts various events and meetings in order to keep in touch withthe resource and in the way also keep them motivated to work. It is an abstract vision whichdrives a person to achieve better results it can be from the senior to junior level it can be from thepoint to achieve sales margin or profit margin (Elliot, Dweck and Yeager 2017).Employees are the strength of an organization regardless of the scale, industry or themarket value of the company. It is important for an business organization to make efforts ofretaining trained and skilled employees. Employee turnover is the amount of resource that leavesand joins the organization in a specific period of time. The cost bearded by the organization inthis transition of a person enrolling in an organization and leaving the organization for whateverreason it may be is sometimes huge and effects the operation of the institution in a large way. Itis calculated by a simple formula which states is employee turnover = number of people wholeave / average number of employees. There are two types of employee turnover the voluntarywhere the resource is willingly leaves the organization and the involuntary turnover where anindividual is terminated from the contract by the organization (Easterby-Smith, Thorpe andJackson 2012).Some of the basic impact of large employee turnover is in terms of productivity, declinein customer services, profit in the long run and increased cost (Hausknecht and Holwerda 2013).
2RESEARCH PROJECTAbout the organizationCredit Suisse is a multinational financial institution that has it headquarters based inZurich. It was established in the year 1856 and now it has its branches in around 50 countries.There are almost 47,170 employees who work in the organization all over the world. There arethree divisions in the institution that serve the clients according to their needs. The threedivisions are Swiss Universal Bank, International Wealth Management and Asia Pacific. Sinceinception the organization has gathered goodwill from the clients and also as a workplace formthe employees (Stanley 2013).Purpose of researchThe purpose of this research is to understand the way motivation affects the mindset ofthe employees. The research will discuss how motivated and inspired employees can have apositive impact on the resources that are unhappy with the organization (Coşar, Guner andTybout 2016).An employee who is unhappy or is planning to leave the organization invariably willhave a low production and will also make others think in a similar way. It is up to themanagement to look after the welfare of the employees and to discuss the reasons for their lowperformance so that decisions can be made to reform and enhance the productivity of theworkforce (Herman, Huang and Lam 2013).The workforce of an organization is its backbone and hence attention should be paid totheir grievances and complains. Actions should also be taken so that no resources feel negativelyabout the company.
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