Reserach Report on Discrimination

Added on - Oct 2020

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INTRODUCTIONResearch is study which helps scholar in investigating topic of interest for specificpurposes like academic, interest, awareness, etc. The present research is focused on analysingcore issue that is discrimination and its impact on society. The information in this study will becollected via both the sources, that is, primary and secondary where secondary will be onarticles, online journals, etc. Whereas, primary research will be done by interviewing randomlysampled participants of UK entertainment industry.Aim“To ascertain the impact of discrimination due to race, ethnicity, gender, disability or ageon society: a case study on UK entertainment industry”The rationale behind choosing this topic is to promote awareness among people, becauseevery activity of entertainment industry is directly related to society. Also, because individualscross the globe are majorly influenced by trends followed in this industry. Therefore, this studywill assist in developing a critical knowledge on the possible situations which leads todiscrimination in entertainment industry.Literature ReviewAccording to Hook, 2010, it has been stated that discrimination in entertainment industryis a common issue which is impacting the mentality of society. Film industry is directly relatedto society and therefore, the individuals try to follow and implement every trend followed by starcast, films, serials, etc. Further, author discussed about discrimination in industry on the basis ofgender where growth of females is restricted at every level like women are allowed to be a partof make-up team and costume department because according to majority to people, individualsare in capable of handling camera and work at direction department. Further, it is not that thediscrimination in industry is at low level. The disparity is faced by majority of leading star cast.In accordance with this inequality, it can be said that the industry is insecure from each othergrowth due to which everyone is focused on dragging each one of them down from growth lane.On the contrary,A major new study into gender inequality in the UK film industry,2016, hasstated about lacking female directors and producers in film making industry due to disparity. Inaddition, it has been discovered that approximately, 16.1 % women are working for low budget1
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