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Added on -2019-09-13

This assignment requires the student to write an individual research proposal for their Master's level course. The proposal should include a focused research question, a critical review of literature, research methodologies, data collection and analysis techniques, ethical issues, and potential outcomes. The objective is to prepare the student for their research project during the dissertation phase of the course.
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RESEARCH SKILLS AND PRINCIPLES 2016/17ASSIGNMENT 2: Individual Research ProposalSubmission date 28th April 2017 via BlackboardYou are required to write an individual research proposal. This will allow you to start preparing for the research project that you will undertake during the dissertation phase of the course. This assignment is designed to allow you to identify a research question, review the literature and discussresearch methodologies that would be appropriate for a research project of your choosing. Assessment criteria will include focus and objectives, method and reflection.This assignment will be worth 60% of the final mark.Learning outcomesOn successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:Present and communicate information, ideas and outcomes in an effective and appropriate manner for Master's levelEvaluate a range of research methodologies, tools and techniques appropriate for big data researchThe AssignmentThe objective of this assignment is to allow you to develop a research proposal which explains:What you wish to achieveYou need to formulate the research question using the skills and knowledge that you have gained from the course and this module. First of all you need to establish a focused research question that is of interest to you and some intended audience (that you should identify). The objectives of the research should be stated clearly.Why this is importantYou will then need to undertake a literature search for your topic and write a critical review that shows how your research question fits with the debate in the current literature.How it can be achievedIdentify and evaluate, from the appropriate literature, research methods that may be used to answer the research question and fulfil the objectives. This should also include a brief discussion of the data that you expect to be collected and how it would be analysed to answer the research question.What might be the potential outcomes of the research

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