Project on Aspects of Operating Systems

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INTRODUCTIONSkills are highly required for every human whether he or she is working in research orany other. In order to make analysis of specific problem statement and derive solution of that,research skills are the mos significant which are discussed at the present project. The studyshows about different kind of investigation types with the use of proper justification. Problemswhich are arisen while doing enquiry and ethical consideration are explained in this case. Apartfrom this, the report focuses on source which are used to collect data and information. Besidethis, research proposal on the problem regarding operating system is made in the current project. TASK 11.1 Causes of selecting different research typesResearch is based on the qualitative as well as quantitate data which are as follows: Qualitative research: In order to collect theoretical data and avoid the numeracy. Alongwith this, due to not requirement in order to apply the statistical tools on data set, currentresearch type is selected by the researcher (Billig and Waterman, 2014). Quantitative research: All the data rely under the numerical part and statistical or SPSStools like median, average mean, mode, correlation, standard deviation are need to applyon data set. Then the quantitative research type is taken into account by the analyst todraw valid conclusion.1.2 Justification of research methodology which is best for the researchIn order to carry out the proper analysis and research there are different kinds of researchmethodology are considered by the scholar which are given as below:Research Design: Descriptive is the best method or making a research design because itgives clear information and analysis about the topic. With the help of this method,researcher is able to do proper research and derive effective conclusion of the problem.Research Approach: In this method, inductive approach is the better than the deductiveapproach (Flick, 2015). The reason is that, selected approach provides clear andsystematic study of the research problem. Further, basic concept and description of thetopic is given at initial and it was completed with very specific. 1

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