Integrating Emerging Technologies in Hospitality Industry : Case Study on Qbic hotel

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UKCBC| FEB 2018ResearchTitle ApprovalFormStudentnameand ID:Batch:Module:Tutor:Proposedtitle:Section A: To be completed by the studentYou must completeall parts of SectionA and presentto your lecturerfor brief discussionandapprovalof your proposedresearchbeforeembarkingon writinga full proposal.One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesTo illustratethe challengesand how to overcomeof integratingemergingtechnologieswithinhospitalityindustry:A case studyon Qbic hotel.Research aim:To illustrate the challenges and how to overcome of integrating emerging technologieswithin hospitality industry: A case study on Qbic hotel.Research objectives:To find out the meaningand importanceof emergingtechnologiesinto hospitalityindustry.To illustratethe challengesfor integratingemergingtechnologiesin hospitalityindustry.To analysisthe ways to overcomechallengesof integratingtechnology.Research questions:1.Whatis the meaningand importanceof emergingtechnology?2.Whatcouldbe the challengesin integratingemergingtechnologywithinhospitalityindustry?Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectStudyingFutureresearchThree: Research approach and methodologies
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