A Case Study in Soft Space Solutions

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Title: “To analyse the significance of employee behaviour for taking appropriate stepsto improve productive and attrition level. A study in Soft Space Solutions (SSS).”CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTIONEmployee behaviour refers to the reaction of workers towards the specified situation orcondition at workplace. Thus, it is crucial for worker to behave sensibly at work station not forattaining appropriation but also maintain healthy work environment or culture. It supports inrising up productivity of the workers within the organization. Positive behaviour of theemployees within the organization may support in enhancing productivity and keep healthyrelation among all the workers present at workplace (Kumar and Pansari, 2016). This is theprimary reason that employees can perform their task and attain reliable results. Current report isbased on Soft Space Solutions (SSS), is a software company which develop customised softwaresolution for its customers in over the world for enhancing their profitability level. Furthermore,company facing internal issue that is related with its employees. For reducing the same,management of the company undertake an effective experiment that help in understandingemployee behaviour at workplace and at the same time also take appropriate steps to increasetheir effectiveness. This may help in improving employees’ performance within the organizationthat contribute in enhancing positive brand image at market place.Research aim:“To analyse the significance of employee behaviour for taking appropriate stepsto improve productive and attrition levels. A study in Soft Space Solutions (SSS).”Research objectives:To determine the reasons for specific employee behaviour within the organization.To analyse the significance of employee behaviour for improving overall productivity ofthe workers.Research questions:What is the reasons for specific employee behaviour within the organization?What are the major significance of employee behaviour for improving overallproductivity of the workers?Rationale of the research:The main intention of carry out this investigation is to understand the employees’behaviour to improve their productivity level by taking appropriate steps and ways as well(Hsiao, 2014). In business organization, workers are the important part that help in attaining1
growth at market place. SSS is a software company that undertake an effective experiment toanalyse how employees’ productivity is reduces continuously. In this regards, concept ofemployee behaviour plays a vital role in determining how workers react towards the specifiedcondition at workplace. For reducing the same, manager of the company measure workers’behaviour at workplace and motivate them to perform ethically. This will help in makingworkers productive to attain predetermined goals and objectives.CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEWThis section show a vital part in undertaking investigation task as it includes informationfrom different authors point of views. This will help investigator to take valid decision at the endof the research. For this, investigator use various secondary sources such as books, journals,articles newspaper and many more. These are contribute in collecting relevant data andinformation towards the particular research area and topic as well.Reason for specific Employee behaviourAccording toYiu and Saner, (2014), employee behaviour consider as an activity in whichworkers are react at workplace. In this behaviour of the employees are shaped by organisationalculture, work environment and many more all these are directly affect their behaviours. Thus, itis important for workers to effectively communicate with another workers that may improvetheir overall performance. Along with this, it also impacted by a different type of forces likeinternal and external. Both the affect their job activities at workplace. In addition of this,manager of the company is also responsible for taking best action to make necessaryimprovement within the business organization. Furthermore, better guidance is also essential forworkers to make them enable to attain success at workplace. In this context there are differentreasons for employee behaviour is job dissatisfaction, unfair rewards and many more in whichemployees are react.Major significance of employee behaviour for improving overall productivity of the workersAccording toBridger, (2014),Employee behaviour is show a important role indeveloping as well as improving productivity of company. As it also encourages workers to rasietheir efficiency level by handling all the conflicts at workplace. Along with this, employeebehaviour is beneficial for enhancing workers productivity, company turnover and also maintainpositive or healthy work environment. All these are help in making employees able to handle all2
type of complex task. This will improve the workers efficiency and effectiveness towards theworking activities that may support in encouraging workers towards the specified goals andobjectives of SSS.CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGYResearch methodology is an effective plan that used by researcher to undertake wholeresearch in organized manner. As, it is necessary for research worker to use proper method toeffectively accumulate data for making reliable and valid decision that contribute in resolvingissues and keeping research more successful (Henker, Sonnentag and Unger, 2015). Mainly, thissection includes different research methods and approaches that help research in making reliablestudy.Types of investigationFor undertaking research activities, it is essential for researcher to effective use thecorrect method because it help in providing better direction in which entire research will beconducted. This can be in qualitative, quantitative and mixed method as well. In this context,Qualitative research is related with the written data that provide support to investigator to collectin-depth information about the human attitude, their behaviour, experience and many more. Onthe other side, quantitative research is based on proving the theories that aid in gathering relevantand authentic information. In this data is also gather by survey method to effectively analysis theactual information about the research topic. Furthermore, mixed method is related with thecombination of quantitative and qualitative research. In this research, mixed method has beenused as it will support in accumulated collected information and at the same time also includesperception of human behaviour. By this, investigator can easily attain positive and reliableresults at the end of the investigation.Research approachIt is a thought and process that includes ways in which information can be collected,used and analysed. Thiscan be divided into two groups such as inductive and deductive researchapproach that help in collecting and analysing the collected data to draw a valid conclusion(Raina and Roebuck, 2016). In this context, inductive research approach used with the ofemergence of new theories and hypothesis on the other side, deductive research approach is usedfor testing the theories and its validity as well. For this investigation, researcher will use3
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