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Research: Psychological Effects of Alcohol

Added on -2019-09-18

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Research topic: The psychological effects of alcohol abuse of mid adolescents? 1.The theoretical approach being adopted, relating to existing literature in the targetarea2.Existing research in this field – both historic and contemporary3. Gaps in current knowledge and how this proposal will contribute to knowledge 4. The research method to be employed and rationale for its use 6. The specific participant requirement and how they will be recruited 5. Ethical concerns specific to the actual proposal (not general ethics; these can bepositive aspects of conducting this research)6. Challenges and considerations of the proposed methodology (rigour) 7. How your personal assumptions and experience may influence the research process (reflexivity) SectionProposal DetailsComment (feedback )Title Why adolescent use of alcohol?This is not grammatically correct. It’s also not specific enough, in the sense that you’re surely interested in the psychology of adolescent alcohol abuse?What stage of adolescence are you interested in? Early,late? What transition is involved?Introduction Alcohol neglect is obstruction troubling in our community Every day individuals are harmed and killed in alcohol- associated with accident because of an effect on individually and individual whilean effect of these incidences. The aim of the study: what suggest adolescence to drink alcohol and how this will affect their lives?Now this is too much - eitheryou’re interested in why adolescents abuse alcohol or on the psychological effects of alcohol abuse. There is medical information available on alcohol consumption in childhood and adolescence, so you could look at the psychological effect in terms of the transition to adulthood

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