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TITLEA critical evaluation of digital marketing techniques verse traditional – can Xylem WaterSolutions Oceania continue to justify the resources and costs associated with its marketingdepartment. INTRODUCTIONMarketing is the procedure through which business entities promote their products andservices in different market places which also assists them to identify needs and preferences ofcustomers. In the research proposal, discussion will be made on comparison between traditionaland digital techniques and how it assists in managing business marketing procedures.Furthermore, in the research proposal, discussion has also been included regarding currentmarketing strategy of Xylem Water Solutions Oceania and how capable it is in managingresource and costs aspects. BACKGROUNDOFTHECOMPANYThis project will be made on Xylem Water Solutions Oceania which is a part of XylemInc. The company is a leading water technology focused on addressing the world’s toughestwater issues, employing 12,500 people internationally, in 360 global locations with annualrevenues of $3.8Bn. Xylem Water Solutions Oceania employs 300 people with 16 branchesacross Australia and New Zealand. It is also focused on “solving water” for its customers,providing products and solutions for pumping and treating water. Xylem Water SolutionsOceania has two offices providing marketing support for the business among which one islocated in Perth and the other in Sydney. This has been successful over the previous decadesupporting the Australian two speed economy. AIMSAND OBJECTIVESAimThe main aim of the study will be to identify the difference between digital marketingand traditional marketing techniques. This will be conducted on Xylem Water Solutions Oceania.Objectives To identify the concept of digital and marketing techniques
To analyze the effectiveness of marketing practices in promotional strategies To recommend the strategies through which marketing practices of Xylem canunderpinned. Research questionsWhat is the difference between traditional and modern marketing techniques?What is the role of marketing practices in promotional aspects?What is the impact of marketing in managing resources and costs of the business?LITERATURE SUMMARYIn the present study, several articles and journals will be studied to analyze the concept oftraditional and digital marketing techniques. As per the views of Guthrie, (2015), in traditionalmarketing, communication happens from one direction only; while in the case of digitalmarketing, business entities emphasizes on multi- directional communication wherein companyactively communicate with the consumers through diverse techniques. Every business entityengages in such practices which can help them to maintain the budgetary aspects; hence for suchconcern, it typically emphasizes on marketing tools and techniques. Traditional marketingpromotes the products through paper, billboard, television and radio; however modern marketingis highly emphasized towards the use of social media. Arguing the above study, Rani, Yadav and Jain, (2016), contended that online marketingis the most effective strategy through which business entity can promote its products and servicesto different market places. The strategy is not only useful in reducing operational costs; but alsoit helps the business entity to ensure to maintain all the practices within the budgetary aspects.There is a significant difference between modern and traditional marketing such as modernmarketing chiefly focuses on customer oriented approaches for building the satisfaction level. In the traditional market business person only focus on the selling of their goods andservices. Main aim of their business is only earn profit from the business so that they start theirwork with production of their products and services and completed it while selling is done. Atthat marketing manager of company use aggressive selling and they are focuses on theirsatisfaction from services (Wang, Watts, Anderson and Little, 2013). Moreover in traditionalstrategy management of the company focuses on every possible way for enhancing their productsselling in the market. They are not focusing on their customer needs and wants.

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