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Step 1Adventure life is considered as an adventure travel organization which providing privatejourneys, expedition voyages throughout the world and small group tours. The main focus of theorganization is on cultural, nature and active travel. It was established in 1999 by Brian Morgan.When it was launched, it provided Spanish language study trips and internships. During 200 theorganization decided to focus on only offering tours and no more Spanish language internshipsand study trips (Cronin 2015). It provides various services to its customers some of them arefollowing: RaftingSky DivingRappellingTrekkingMotorcycle ToursScuba DivingCyclingParaglidingMountaineering Expeditions
Step 2Agility Computer Network Services is considered a famous organization which providestechnology consultation, support, management, implementation, and application developmentservices to different business organizations. It has more than 1000 employees in its Chicagolandarea. The organization offers a well-managed network of different services. It utilizes theefficient information technology solutions to serve its clients in an efficient way. It has extensiveexperience in delivering IT services which reduce the risk possibility of the organization (Mountney, 2016). It provides following services to its clients:Managed servicesIT ProjectsIT AuditsSecurity facilityBusiness ContinuityVirtualization

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