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Running head: JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUEJOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUE“Why does MNE performance vary across countries? An inquiry into the competitivevalue of MNE assets”Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUE1Name of the author (s):Marina Carnevale, Lilac Nachum, HelaineKornFull title of the article:“Why does MNE performance vary across countries? An inquiry into thecompetitive value of MNE assets”Full title of journal:International Business ReviewYear of publication:2017Issue number:1Carnevale, M., Nachum, L. and Korn, H. (2017) ‘Why does MNE performance vary acrosscountries? An inquiry into the competitive value of MNE assets’.International Business Review.Vol. 26 (1), pp. 1196-1207Purpose:In this essay, authors Carnevale, Nachum and Korn (2017), argued that the study of theperformances of MNEs differ in different countries with the variation of assets that are availablelocally based on a critical study of the paper.Summarization of the Research Topic: The research is a study of legal services MNEs of UScompeting with the domestic firms as well with MNEs outside the country. From my point ofview, the report is particularly concerned with three types of assets in national, domestic andinternational firms. The report derived from the research justify the focus of the article bysignifying the resources of MNEs’ differs with the relation to contestants of distinctivenationalities and topographical scope, as well as sites.Morgan and Kristensen (2006),opines thatthe strategic orientation of MNE’s is a significant concern as the chief business strategy of theMNEs is to produce and supply goods and services that are globally standardized which in a turn
JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUE2will give the MNEs a logical aspiration for monitoring the performance of the subsidiary bylevelling practices that facilitate the quantification of performance along diverse dimensions.These variations derived from the reference to competitor’s locality and racerecommends that the importance of MNE possessions is comparative and that the varied marketsituations across nations are an integral aspect of international competition, calling for equivalentsetting and approaches. In the opinion ofBloom, Sadun and Reenan (2012),the purpose of thisMNE performance is to evaluate and monitor certain strategic goals and application of corporatestrategies in the subsidiary. The conceptualization of the article is based on two perceptions ofthe strategic management- the determination of the competitive value in relation to thecompetition and the variations in the competitive value occurs due to the presence ofheterogeneity of the competitors within the industry.Definition of Important Terms: The assets of MNE can be categorized into three broad classes.The first is the assets that are specified to firms. According to authors Bloom, Sadun and Reenen(2012), these assets originate in the ownership of registered imperceptible proficiencies that areportable within firms across countries. The second according to Contractor (2012), is the multi-nationality possessions that are derived from the capability to access capitals and knowledgefrom multiple nations and the flexibility to employ them in the creation of combined value(Carnevaleet al2017). Lastly, are the home-country assets which are established based on theresources that are derivable from the resources of the home country as opined by Dahl andSorenson (2012). These three types of assets are distinctive in terms of their foundation,flexibility and uniqueness and all these three differences affect the economic value.The Informative Opinion in the Article: According to the opinion of author Adegbeasn (2009),in order to draw perceptions of theories of strategic management and contemporary
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