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Human Physiology Assignment- Respiratory System

Added on - 05 Jun 2020

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Respiratory System
QUESTION 1Answer:1.Alveoli: It is the hollow cavities in anatomy and found in many parts of the human-body. Generally, formammals these are small air sacs of the lungs known as pulmonary alveoli having diameter of0.2 to 0.5 mm. A average person has 480 million alveoli and appears in bunch forming bloodcapillaries (Gilbert-Barness, Spicer and Steffensen, 2014).2.Bronchi: It is main pathway into the lungs and are of two types. Primary are present in upper portion ofthe lungs while secondary at the centre. When a person takes breath, air travels into the larynx.After that it enters the trachea, then to left and right bronchus. It becomes smaller as it goesinside.3.Carbon Dioxide: The oxygen inhaled by person goes to the respiratory system so that body can get rid of carbon-di-oxide in the air breathed out. Too much CO2is harmful for the body as due to this blood willbecome acidic so it is necessary to maintain the pH level and hyperventilate in the body. TheCO2then moves with your blood back to your lungs and is diffused to the alveoli which thenexhale it out (Hogan and et. al., 2014).4.Cilia: These are the minute hair like organelles structures that forms the lining of certain cells and aresimilar to flagella. It provides locomotion and moves liquids to ciliate protozoans or internalepithelial tissue of human body. They are of two types, Motile and Primary and have size of 1-10-micrometres and width is less than 1-micrometre.5.Diaphragm: For respiration, it is main muscle that separates the thoracic cavity from the abdomen.Contraction of the diaphragm-muscle enlarge lungs during inhalation of air. It is controlled bythe phrenic nerve that arise at vertebral level C3-C5.6.Epiglottis1
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