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Restoration of Stator Winding of Generator

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Career Episode 1:Restoration of stator winding of Generator-1a. IntroductionCE1.1:The following career episode deals with the demonstration of the role played by me inrestoration of Chhukha Hydropower Plant’s (CHP’s) stator winding of the generator-1. The roleof restoration of Chhukha Hydropower Plant’s (CHP’s) stator winding of the generator-1 wasplayed by me when I was working at CHP as an Assistant Electrical Engineer at GeneratorMaintenance Unit under the Maintenance Division of Chhukha Hydropower Plant. I had beenworking there from 29thJanuary 2010 to 21stAugust 2013. The Chhukha Hydropower Plant waslocated in Chhukha district of Bhutan which is geographically 80 miles away from the capitalcity of Thimphu, Bhutan. The company named DGPC or Druk Green Power CorporationLimited is the owner of Chhukha Hydropower Plant along with 3 other hydropower plants.b. BackgroundCE2.2:Chhukha Hydropower Plant was built and had been in working efficiently since the year1983.The plant provides approximately 84 MW (eighty four megawatt) of power with the help ofthe four 11 KV (eleven Kilo-voltage) of power generators. The use of the four power generatorshas helped the Chhukha Hydropower Plant for achieving a total capacity of 336 MW (threehundred and thirty six megawatt). The power generated in the Chhukha Hydropower Plant wouldbe transferred in India through the 4 power lines of 220 KV (two hundred and twenty kilo volts)and 66 KV (sixty six kilo volts) that would help in meeting the needs of domestic consumption.CE2.3:The Chhukha Hydropower Plant is deployed for aligning with the improved functionalanalysis. The power plant had been experiencing massive winding failure at the generator-1 thathas been caused due to the extreme grid disturbances occurred in September 2011. The issue of
massive winding failure happened during the peak months when the Chhukha Hydropower Planthad been operating at full throttle. The hazard of losing the machine of Chhukha HydropowerPlant was unpredictable at that time. The loss of the machine’s functionality would result informing the hindrances in power generation and for even one hour of power transmission losswould result in forming an overall loss in income of 4 million. The executive engineer has beeninstructed by the management of Maintenance Division for restoring the machine in the shortestpossible time so that loss due to absence of power generation would be minimized.CE2.4:The Executive Engineer for the Maintenance Division of Chhukha Hydropower Planthad instructed me to restore the stator. I was assigned the task to restoration of the stator of thegenerator-1 of Chhukha Hydropower Plant within the period of 3 weeks of duration. I had beenassured by the Executive Engineer to be assisted completely from other non-technical andtechnical staffs present in Chhukha Hydropower Plant. I had to play the role of project managerby managing and leading the restoration team for restoring the stator. Some of theresponsibilities that I had to comply with are,Development of complete plan for the restoration of the statorInspecting the site and forming an estimation determination of the resources that wouldbe required for the projectInstalling and Commissioning the power generator along with the new replaced statorbarsForming the co-ordination among the Engineers of Original Equipment Manufacturerwith the project teamReporting and documenting the progress of work with the help of completion report
The following diagram would show the contemporary organogram depicting my position in thegreen block below,Figure 1: Figure 1. Organizational structure of Chhukha Hydropower Plantc. Personnel Engineering ActivityCE2.5:I had to inspect the broken part of the winding stator of generator-1 for ChhukhaHydropower Plant. The work also included the calculation of the estimation about the new statorbars for the Chhukha Hydropower Plant. The associated windings material requirements were tobe estimated for the initiation of the stator restoration works. The double wave winding type ofChiefEngineer(CE)MaintenanceDivisionControl &ProtectionUnit(C&PU)GeneratorMainteannceUnit(GMU)TurbineMaintenanceUnit(TMU)SwitchyardMaintenanceUnit(SMU)OperationDivisionCivilDisionHumanResource andAdministration DvisionFinanceDivisionTechnical SupportUnit(TSU)
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