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Result:. Attractive images = 2.32 (SD= 0.07) (Higher me

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Result:Attractiveimages = 2.32 (SD=0.07) (Higher mean)Unattractive images =2.12 ( SD = 0.07)Mean age = 19.7(SD=3.56)Males: 44Females: 156*t (199) =5.17, p <0.001-normal distribution(provideskewness andkurtosis z scores)-Descriptive statistic :Mean andSDs for bothattractiveness andunattractivenessconditions- you caninclude these in atable or text, butavoidrepeatinginformations.Describe the patternofthe result, not simplyreport Ms and SDs.Was M (SD) for attractiveness and unattractiveness images higherUnfinancial _ altruism_attractive images
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