Reversible Data Hiding Using Histogram Modification

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CE 3.1 Project InformationName of the project: Reversible Data Hiding Using Histogram modification of PixelDifferencesLocation of the project: Hyderabad, IndiaProject Duration: Organization: St Mary’s Group of Institutions HyderabadRole and Designation during the time: Electronics and Communication EngineeringCE 3.2 Project BackgroundThis project was designed in order to make a Data Hiding system. The term data hidingwas used to discuss about the technique of encoding the data related to the image in such a wayso that the unauthorised access can be stopped on the image. The technique of hiding the imagecan sometime damage the host image although the deformation was negligible to the human eye.To understand the data hiding technique one first have to understand the concepts related toimage processing and way of digital image processing. In case of many fields the data hidingtechnique was not properly implemented as some amount of the data can be loosed. To overcomethis problem related to data hiding I have used the reversible data hiding method for loose lessembedding of the image.
CE 3.2.1 Characteristics of the projectAn image was a two-dimensional picture which can be used to as a photograph or screendisplay. It was consisted of several rectangular grids which were called pixels having a definiteheight and width. The digital image can have different forms like GIF, JPEG and PNG. Digitalimage processing was the technique of manipulating the images by using the computers. Colourimage processing, segmentation, compression were several techniques to process an image. Theimage restoration was used for make an image to its previous form. Image was also an importantthing which can be used to There were huge varieties of software such as MATLAB andgraphical user interface was used for designing the working functionality of this project. Watermarking was also an important feature of image recognition. The method of data hiding was usedin such a way so that the images can be encrypted and the content related to the image can bemade private. In some cases the hiding of the image can distort some amount of data and reversedata hiding technique was used to overcome that data related to the image.CE 3.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectThe primary objective of this project was to design a data hiding using Histogrammodification of pixel differences. Besidesthis, there were several objectives which werediscussed below.To familiarize with the concept of image, pixels and several image processingtechniques. To learn about several image recognition techniques and water marking.To learn about image hiding techniques.

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