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Review of sales administration intelligence system.

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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Review of sales administration intelligencesystem
IntroductionThe documentation of sales administration intelligence system is defined as the records of salesadministration which is used to manage the sales of the company over the particular time period.An intelligence system is basically a machine which is connecting to the computer in order toanalyse the data and communicate with other systems.Types of RiskThe various risks are associated with the sales administration information system which isexplained below:1.Failing to account for changeThe implementation of intelligence system is mainly done for a change in the organisation inorder to achieve the organisational goals in a most efficient and effective manner (Rainer etal., 2013). The requirements of business intelligence include project scope, needs ofreporting, data models and others. Failing to account for gathering and implementation is amajor risk.2.Poor data qualityThe implementation of stringent data into the change management policies of the company isanother risk which can culminate in disaster. It also develops the negative perceptionregarding the intelligence system.3.Poor adoption by user
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