Review the interrelationships of the operational and functional units

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Review the interrelationships of the operational and functional unitsIn Zoo club organisation, operational and functional department areinterrelated with each other. Both functions are important for organisation such asin operational function Zoo club understand the demand of customer and providebranded drinks and dance floor till late night that help to increase number ofcustomers. Functional department of Zoo club such as marketing department createinterest of people and attract them in order to purchase goods and services.Accounting department is used to maintain the records of all products andservices, which is provided by Zoo club. The entire operational and functionaldepartment help to arrange capital and improve the product and services bycoordinating with each department. Operational department help to perform day-to-day activity and functional department concentrate on business functions.The hospitality industry is fast developing industry that help to generateincome and give a standard life to people. It give contribution towardsinternational economy that help to develop the country's financialposition. The contribution of hospitality industry to local, national andinternational economy is described as:Local economy: This includes transport services, bank services,food and beverage services and drinking services that createemployment opportunities within country. Through creating jobopportunity in discussing sector organisation can contribute in localeconomy that help to maintain a living standard of people. Such as itcontributes 20% in drinking, 20% in food and beverage, in transport30% and bank 10%, which help to contribute for local economy.National economy:The business organisation provides different type of services, whichrelates to leisure, exploration, vacation and business services. Theseservices are provides to multiple users at different places in nationalboundary. As results incremental in profit margin that help to increaseGDP rate. Such as the GDP rate is increasing year by year that meanscountry is growing continuously.International economyAny organisation can contribute for international economy by providingvariety of product and services. Through huge amount of investmentand delivering product and services outside the boundaries of nation, anorganisation can contribute for international level. As shown in diagramorganisation provides different products out of nation that helptodevelop the country by using contribution.Contemporary Hospitality Industry
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