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Running head: RHETORICAL ANALYSISRHETORICAL ANALYSISName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
RHETORICAL ANALYSIS1The purpose of every essay is to exert a point after having considered many aspects andarguments of a particular issue. If an essay cannot conclude upon an assertive point, then theessay is not successful and does not fulfil its purposes (Foss 32). The essay “Living in yourAmerican skin” by Roxanne Horde dabbles into different issues and tries to understand how thelyrics of Bruce Springsteen may have a political take and the artist be asserted as a political poet.The purpose of the current essay is to analyze the aforementioned essay and decide whether ithas been able to establish the idea of the singer as a political figure.At the very beginning of the essay, that writer has directly addressed the essence of theessay by quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson and his take on the contemporary global politicalcondition. Horde writes that she reads “his lyrics as literature and as politics, as connected andcollective practice”, because she believes in the fact that Springsteen’s lyrics are with “poeticdepth”. She tries to fathom the density of his lyrics and aims to understand the poet’s stake in ourshared world. Horde believes that “if politics is that thing we do as individuals when weconclude what is just and unjust, and then take responsibility for and action in accordance withour conclusions, then Springsteen has long offered his fans, in his lyrics and his life, thepossibilities of politics.” This goes on show that the writer truly believes that the singer’s lyricsto be political in nature, even though the singer himself never consciously asserted himself as apolitical figure or took any part in active e politics until George W. Bush’s “war on terror”. Shealso says that if politics can be defined as the actions of the humans as a collective who makesdecisions in support of a specific cause or issue, then Springsteen has always been a part of thepolitical conundrum of the world (De Man 27).Horde has looked into the lyrics of many of Springsteen’s songs, including “Growin’Up”, from his first album. Reading and analyzing the lyrics of this particular song, Horde
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