Rhetorical Analysis Writing Assignment.

Added on - Sep 2019

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Rhetorical Analysis Writing AssignmentWriting Assignment Description: write a rhetorical analysis of “The Political Power of Social Media” byClay Shirky. The paper will identify, analyze and evaluate appeals to logos, pathos and ethos.A - exemplary work that demonstrates a complexity of thought, strong essay organization,purposeful paragraph development with identifiable pattern of organization and supportingquotes. Quotes are punctuated properly. The writing has academic style, voice and minor if anygrammatical errors. The paper meets all requirements of the assignment to a high degree. Usesa variation of sentence structures for cohesiveness. Transitions such as conjunctive adverbsguide the writing. MLA format is used correctly.B - strong work that demonstrates some complexity of thought, good essay organization,paragraph development and supporting quotes. The writing may at times use informal language,lack a unique voice and have some grammatical errors. Though some sentence structurevariation exists, the writing has more simple sentences and has only a some cohesiveconnectors. MLA format is used mostly correctly.C - the writing is weaker because it lacks a complexity of thought and often repeats ideas or isredundant. The essay organization is weak and harder to identify. The paragraphs lack a focusand development at times. The paper meets some but not all the requirements of theassignment. The sentences are mostly simple and overuse coordinators such as but and sothroughout. MLA format is may not be followed correctly in all areas.MLA format12 point fontTimes RomanDouble spaced2 pagesProper punctuation and attribution for quotesWorks Cited at the end of the paper
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