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Running head: RICH MEDIARich MediaName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1RICH MEDIAAnswer to Question 1201420152016201720182019202005101520252017131210Growth Rate (%)Growth Rate (%)Figure 1: Growth of Rich Media with Growth Forecast(Source: 2017)The above graph shows the growth rate of rich media in Australia. From the above graph,it can be seen that there was a growth of 20% in the year 2015. However, from the year 2015, theAustralian rich media industry started witnessing de-growth. In the year 2016, the rich mediaindustry witnesses 17% growth that was 3% less than that of 2015. Further decrease in growthcan be seen in the year 2017, as the growth rate was 13%. Looking at the growing competition inrich media industry all over the world, it has been forecasted that decreased rate of growth in richmedia of Australia will be continued until the year 2019. It has been forecasted that the growthrate in 2018 and 2019 of the rich media market of Australia will be 12% and 10% respectively.
2RICH MEDIAAnswer to Question 2There are many negative effects of rich media o small businesses. After the adoption ofrich media for businesses, it is necessary for the companies to measure its effectiveness.However, it is difficult for the small companies to measure the return in investment (ROI) of richmedia. With the help of rich media, the customers are able to give their reviews. Thus, it isdifficult for the small organizations to handle negative customer reviews. In addition, it is highlytime consuming for the small companies to implement the strategies of rich media. Mostimportantly, small companies have to bear large amount of expenses that harms their businessesin a large way (Laudon and Laudon 2013).Answer to Question 3People face many issues at the time of using rich media. Rich media is highlycomputerized and gadget based. People who are cannot use computers and gadgets are not ableto use this media. Performance issue is another major issue faced by people. People face manyissues while developing and delivering advertisements with the help of rich media. Anothermajor issue is e-commerce (Daras, Manolopoulou and Axenopoulos 2012). It can be seen thatthere are many people who are not use-to-use e-commerce for various purposes. These kinds ofpeople will not be beneficial from different kinds of rich media activities. These are the majorissues.
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