Ring Topology. Introduction. The ring topology is descr

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Ring Topology
IntroductionThe ring topology is described as the network configuration which connects the devices creatingcircular data path. The devices in the network are connected to two other devices forming acircle. All the devices connected in this way create the ring network. In this network, the datapacket travels from one device to the other until the destination is reached. Typically, thenetworks of this topology allows the data to travel in one direction only. Such networks arecalled as unidirectional network. Other networks facilitate the data for moving in both direction.The connection in ring topology is dependent on the every individual connection. The networkoperates only when all other connections are working. Such topology is used in LANs (local areanetworks) and WANs (wide area networks). Based on the network type, the devices areconnected using an RJ-45 network cable and a coaxial cable. Previously, the networks in thistopology were used in offices, schools and buildings where the size of network is smaller.Nowadays, the networks of this topology are used for stability, support and improvedperformance. In the case of ring topology, every node functions as a repeater, when the nodereceives the signal from another node, it regenerates the bits.Data Transfer ProtocolIn ring topology, the network defines the order of data sent by the stations. The stations areconnected with one another. The data is transferred in form of a three byte token. It travelsthrough the entire ring before reaching the destination. The networks of this topology also usethe Token Passing controlled access mechanism. The frames also travel in the direction of thetoken and circulate the entire ring before reaching the destination.
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