Risk Assessment and Management

Added on - 28 May 2020

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Risk Register and Risk MapIndividual ActivityStudent Name:Student ID:Unit Name: Risk Assessment and ManagementUnit ID:Date Due:Professor Name:1|Page
1.0 Risk RegisterDocument controlTitleDaily Life RisksAuthor of the registerDate register compiled1stJanuary 2018Issue number01.01.018File referenceRegister contentRisk identifier1005Risk categoryRegular RisksRisk causeRushing daily ActivitiesRisk description1.Falling from Staircase or Escalator2.Pencil nib getting into palm3.Stapler pin getting into finger4.Driving while talking on cell phone causing accident5.Cutting finger while cooking food while talking to someone6.Changing light on the ceiling and falling off7.Doing yard-work without wearing proper shoes, gettinginjured on feet8.Using electrical appliances with water contact causingelectrical shock9.Cleaning toilet with soap and then forgetting to wash it off,resulting in accident10.Backing car without checking rear view mirror causinginjury or harm to othersRisk impact1.Risk impact from falling results in going to doctor andpaying for medical help. Further in case of breaking of boneloss of productive days.2.Unable to write resulting in missing class notes and activities3.Unable to do regular activities and taking tetanus which hasassociated medical cost.4.Harm or injury to pedestrian, paying them for damages.2|Page
5.Unable to cook food for next 1 week or so, monetary lossfrom purchasing food from outside.6.Damage or risks from bone breaking resulting in loss ofproductivity.7.Getting bitten by bug resulting in infection then medicaltreatment.8.Getting electrical shock which might result in nervousproblems later in life, hence permanent damage.9.Head injury, blood loss depending on the nature of theaccident.10.Causing harm to pedestrian, in cases of severe harm need topay for damages.Risk status1.Open in nature hence cannot be avoided2.OTBE3.Open in nature hence cannot be avoided4.Close5.Open in nature hence cannot be avoided6.Open in nature hence cannot be avoided7.Open in nature hence cannot be avoided8.OTBE9.Open in nature hence cannot be avoided10.OTBEProbability1.60%2.30%3.70%4.20%5.50%6.55%7.80%8.50%9.40%10.35%Impact1.Cost and Duration2.Cost3.Cost and Duration4.Quality5.Duration6.Cost7.Cost and Quality8.Cost9.Duration10.Quality3|Page
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