INFA 610 Foundations of Information Security and Assurance Assignment

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Risk Assessment Report InstructionsINFA 610BackgroundThis is an individual research project. The objective of the research project is to develop anInformation Asset Risk Assessment Report for an organization of your choosing, and worth 25%of your total course grade. The report will bedue by the end of the 11thweek.The analysisshould be conducted using only publicly available information (that is, information obtainable onthe Internet, company reports, news reports, journal articles, etc.). The risk analysis shouldconsider legitimate, known threats that pertain to the subject organization. Based on theinformation gathered, presumed vulnerabilities of the company or organization’s computing andnetworking infrastructure will be identified. Then, based on the identified threats andvulnerabilities, you will describe the risk profile for the subject organization and suggestrecommendations to mitigate the risks.Your report should be 12 pages, double-spaced, exclusive of cover, title page, table of contents,endnotes and bibliography. Your paper must use APA formatting with the exception that tablesand figures can be inserted at the appropriate location rather than added at the end. Submit thereport in your Assignment Folder prior to the submission deadline.Project ProposalPrior to writing your report, you must submit a short (a page and half) Project Proposal,indicating the name and relevant aspect(s) of the organization you intend to use as a subject foryour report. The proposal must be accompanied by an annotated bibliography submitted via theassignment folder. Your instructor will provide feedback as to the suitability of your subject andbibliography. Additional details are provided below.You will submita project proposalof your Risk Assessment Reportby the end of Session 4.The project proposal will account for 10% of your research paper grade (2.5% of your totalcourse grade).The project proposal should be a page and half (double spaced) description of the organizationthat you propose to analyze, with a summary of the scope (e.g., entire organization, keybusiness area, major system, etc.) for the risk assessment you are expected to conduct. Theproposal should identify the subject organization with a brief explanation of why you chose thesubject for this assignment. The proposal should also describe the research methods to be usedand anticipated sources of research information sources. Your instructor will use the proposal toprovide feedback on the suitability of the proposed subject organization and the scope youpropose, as well as the suitability of the proposed research methods and information sources. Ifyou do not provide a proposal, you will be preparing their Risk Assessment Reports "at risk;"i.e., they will run the risk of delivering a report that is not suitable for this course.1
An important step in developing your Risk Assessment Report will be the construction of anAnnotated Bibliography. Having developed and described a subject organization and scope ofanalysis in the proposal, the next step is to identify and assess the value of potential researchmaterial. You should identify five (5) to six (6) significant articles relevant to your subjectorganization and to identifying and assessing risks in a context similar to the scope of yourreport. For a report of this nature you may expect to find useful sources in both business-focused (e.g., Business Source Premier, Business and Company Resource Center, ABI/Inform)and technically-focused databases (e.g., ACM Digital Library, IEEE, Theannotated bibliography will consist of 100-250 words per article, that describe the main ideas ofthe article, a discussion of the usefulness of such an article in understanding various aspects ofyou report, and other comments you might have after reading the article. For each article, thereshould be a complete reference in APA format. Your Annotated Bibliography will then form thebasis of the sources for your report. (You may also supplement the references used in yourreport with additional reference material.)Some excellent guidance on how to prepare an annotated bibliography can be found at Assessment Report Proposal and Annotated Bibliography should be submitted bythe endof Session 4.The grading criteria for the proposal are as follows:1.Organization Selected & Justification (Right Scope and Relevance): 60%2.Research methods proposed (Bibliography): 40%Risk Assessment ReportThe Risk Assessment Report should be a polished, graduate-level paper. Be sure to carefullycite (using correct APA-Style in-line citations) all sources of information in the report.UMUCpolicies regarding plagiarism will apply to the Risk Assessment Report as well as allother deliverables in this course.You must submit the report to to improve theoriginality score before submitting the report in the Assignment Folder. The lower the originalityscore the better it is. You should aim for an originality score of 10%..Please submit questions regarding the research paper to the INFA610 “Q&A” Conference.The Risk Assessment Report should be submitted bythe end of Session 11Risk Assessment Report OverviewThe objective of this assignment is to develop a Risk Assessment Report for a company,government agency, or other organization (the "subject organization"). The analysis will beconducted using only publicly available information (e.g., information obtainable on the Internet,company reports, news reports, journal articles, etc.) and based on judicious, believableextrapolation of that information. Your risk analysis should consider subject organization2
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