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Risk Identification Assignment.

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Risk Identification AssignmentPerform Internet research on project risk identification. Find and review three sources from thesearch results thatare not advertising. These three sources, along with the assignment readings(DOD, Kerzner, PMBOK 5thEdition, and Pritchard 5thEdition) should be used to answer thefollowing questions:1.Define risk identification.2.What is/are the key input(s) and output(s)?3.What are some of the tools used to identify risks?4.Who should be involved in the risk identification process?5.Explain the importance of the risk identification processes being an iterative process.Write a short paper (400-600 words in length) containing your answers.Successful papersdemonstrate:Thoughtful responses that compare/contrast/assess different authors' perspectives.Your insights as well as examples from your personal/work experiences that demonstrateyour ability to apply what you are learning.Citations documenting all three Internet sources and assigned text readings were used toanswer the questions.All references listed correctly at the end of the paper and cited properly using APAstyle in the paper.Please submit your paper to the correct Dropbox by the date given in the course calendar.
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