Risk Perception and Analysis

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Risk perception and analysisRISK PERCEPTION AND ANALYSISAuthorName of classProfessorUniversityCityDate1
Risk perception and analysisRISK PERCEPTION AND ANALYSISThe purpose of risk analysis is to describe in detail how an adverse incident may occur,estimating how often and the cost it has. Through the use logical diagrams reflecting the logicof the failures and processes that lead to such incidences occurring (Modarres, 2006). Thisstructured method gives insight on the smallest of details on the occurrence process and waysof directing control measures on specified predictable processes. In this paper, we will covervarious concepts of risk analysis by answering structure questions with the most fittinganswers(Aven, 2012).Part ACase 1The case is of an energy threat namely chemical bonding energy. The explosion in the minewas due to the presence of hydrocarbon gas or that of coal bust which is combustible(Grondzik, 2008). This was unintentional however it is possible to mitigate suchconsequences through carrying out relevant tests to ascertain that the mine is free fromflammable hydrocarbon gases and coal dust. As a result, 29 miners lost their lives, the mine,machinery and mining equipment were damaged. Witnesses and possibly any survivors mayhave suffered mental disorders and trauma. Consequentially, the mine went underreceivership because of bankruptcy coming from the losses incurred during the mineexplosion2
Risk perception and analysisCase 2Kinetic energy from the flying aircraft is involved as it hits the power lines, then gravitationalenergy acts pulling it down hit the road-side and the road embarkment. the collision into thepower lines was because of human error on the side of the pilot. Damage incurred was theloss of the aircraft, destruction of the power line, interruption of power supply, time wastage.For the pilot of the aircraft possible loss of flying licenses and the aircraft, company will losethe trust of its clientele. The consequences could have been more if the aircraft busted intoflame which may cause the lose of life and destruction of vehicles on the roads. To deal withsuch consequence licenced pilots and people in the aviation industry can be retrained andtested.Case 3When the woman was being transferred to the emergency vessel muscle energy was involved.Unintentionally the woman went over-board, gravitational energy took cause and she fell intothe cold sea. Then after thermal energy acts as she loses heat. Damages were that the womandied and most probably the emergency crew lost their credibility. To sort out theconsequences of this occurrence train the emergency personnel on how to administeradequate treatment until the water vessel is safe within the land mass quick and efficienttransfer of patient for further treatment. People may stereotype the to be related to travellingat sea therefore as a result the number of people travel by sea will reduce.3
Risk perception and analysisCase 4Pressure and gravitational energy on the bridge over time makes the suspension cable fail.Maintenance could have deduced the failure of the cable; therefore, negligence is the cause ofthis failure. In the case that during construction the right material was not used this could alsoadd to be a mechanism to lead to the collapsing event. Consequences are the destruction ofthe bridge, unknown number of vehicles, people died due to drowning, wastage of time asconnectivity between the areas linked by the bridge is destroyed. The collapse of the bridgereduces the credibility of the engineers who constructed it. Inspection of the bridge forweakness after a period will assist to remove its vulnerability. The collapse of the bridgereduces the credibility of the engineers who constructed it.Case 5At that height, the cliff contains potential energy after the action of gravitational energy thecliff collapses. Since this was caused by natural causes this was inevitable. Resulting in thedestruction of the cliff which is a natural habitat for plants and animals. The destruction ofthe cliff means subsequent death or possible migration of animals living in the cliff. Thedeath of the couple is also a consequence. People should be vigilant in the cause ofoccurrences such as this to prevent adversities.4
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