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ARTIFICIAL AND ROBOTSName of the StudentName of the University
IntroductionFrom the introduction of SIRI to the self drivingcars, the technological disruption has beenimmense.The development of Artificial Intelligence and thehuman robots as shown in the movies areexpected to encompass everything fromautonomous weapons to search algorithms.A strong AI would lead to explosion of technologydriven intelligence diminishing the need for humanintelligence.
Occupation: TeachersSchool level performance of Australia it has been foundthat the average age of the teachers at primary level arebetween 43-44 years of ageInterestingly, about 86% of the teaching base in thecountry are of Australia born background.
Future situation of the chosenoccupation: teaching in AustraliaBy the year 2050 or more thetechnological progression can completelyreplace the teachers in Australian primaryand secondary education system.Humanoid machines have the installedversion of the software that can deliverthe message and teaching materialtowards the students.
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