Chapter 4: Findings and Data Analysis

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ROLE AND INFLUENCE OF SERVICE QUALITY ON CUSTOMER LOYALTY INAIRASIASurveyForm 4: DATA ANALYSISRespondent’s Demographic profile:Table 4.1: Respondents Gender1. Pleasestate yourgenderFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValidFemale8341.341.341.3Male11858.758.7100.0Total201100.0100.01
Figure 4.1: Respondents GenderFrom the above table, it has been seen that percentage of male is much increase with totalpercentage of 58.7%. there is a valid percent was calculated as 41.3% for female and 58.7% formale. The cumulative percentage was calculated as 41.3% for female and 100% for male.Table 4.2:Respondents Age2. Pleasestate yourage:2
FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValid18 - 20 years old52.52.52.521 - 30 years old6833.833.836.331 - 40 years old11155.255.291.541 - 50 years old168.08.099.5Above 50 years old1.5.5100.0Total201100.0100.03
Figure 4.2: Respondents Age ChartIt is analyses that frequency for 18-20 years old was calculated as 5 with valid percentageof 2.5%, for 21-30 years old the frequency was calculated as 68 with valid percentage of 33.8%.for 31-40 years old the frequency was calculated as 111 with valid percent as 55.2% withcumulative percent of 91.5%. for 41-50 years old the frequency was calculated as 16 with validpercentage of 8%. Above 50 years old the frequency was calculated as 1 with valid percentage of.5%.Table 4.3:Respondents Race3. Pleasestate yourrace:4
FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValidChinese12763.263.263.2Indian2612.912.976.1Malay4622.922.999.0Mixed1.5.599.5sino kadazan1.5.5100.0Total201100.0100.0Figure 4.3:Respondents Race Chart5
The above graph presents the results as Chinese Indian, Malay, Mixed, Sino Kadazan andpercentage subsequently as 63.2%, 76.1%, 99, 99.5% and 100.Table 4.4: Respondents Marital Status4. Pleasestate yourmaritalstatus:FrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulativePercentValidDivorced1.5.5.5Married8341.341.341.8Single11758.258.2100.0Total201100.0100.0Table 4.5: Respondents Occupation Status6
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