Role on Communicating in Plant Management

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Running head: PLANT MANAGEMENT1Advance Plant ManagementStudent NameInstitution
PLANT MANAGEMENT2Communicating plays significant roles in advanced plant management and this should bedone to all parties involved. This is by working on one right way so as to avoid putting up thecrap or creating inefficiencies in production. Plant managers should make sure that they preventthe idle time on the bottlenecks so as to improve productivity[ CITATION Eli14 \l 1033 ]. All this isdone by breaking all the rules to start afresh and also to break theexisting production processesby introducing new orders. Also, they should replace the old plant employees’ paper with a newone which will report daily progress and developments in the plant.To bring improvements in the plant, all materials are to get prioritized in the plant so thateverybody knows how and what to work on them. This is enhanced by marking the plant withtags of different colors preferably red and green. According to Donovan, red mark means thework attached to it has the priority and they go to any materials which need to the processed bythe bottleneck. This is significant because when the batch arrives at any workplace with thecolor, the workers should start working on it right away without waiting forclarification[ CITATION Eli14 \l 1033 ]. This work should the tackledbefore an hour has passed.Theother color Donovan talked about is green. The worker should first work with the red color partbefore turning to green color as per Donovan. The worker should work on green orders if thereare no red colors in the queue.Introduction of the new system is much attributed to improved productivity as witnessedin this article. The new system which was introduced of tagging the batches according to theirrouting and priority was working well and in a fare manner. After some few days a significantimprovement was witnessed[ CITATION Gol92 \l 1033 ].This is because the red-tagged parts arereaching the final assembly faster and at the right time. After some time they discovered anothermethod of improvement. This is by introducing another yellow tape which indicates the finished
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