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Running head: ROLE IN HUMAN RESOUCE MANAGEMENT1Employee Role in HRMNameInstitutional Affiliation
Running head: ROLE IN HUMAN RESOUCE MANAGEMENT2What is your direct or indirect role in HRM at your organization?Human Resource Management is involved in the execution of operational business plansto ensure the smooth and efficient flow of the workforce in an organization. People are the mostimportant asset in any organization as they are the specific resource who help the business tooperate and run its functions(Aswathappa, 2013).I will discuss the roles of both a manager and an employee of the HRM department. Asan employee specifically a manager in HR, I have strategic and management roles in theorganization.One of my roles in HRM is to provide guidance and direction to compensation andbenefits specialists. Ensure that the benefits programs and HR policies meet the legalrequirements(compliance) and are competitive enough to attract and keep the employees.Engage in planning a development program for other employees through the providedHuman Resources strategic planning activities.These include leadership training anddevelopment seminars and workshops.The training willdefinitelyimprove the performance ofHRM and other staff in the organization as well as productivity.(Aswathappa, 2013).Examination of the employee performance records to identify the places where an individualcould improve through job skill training. In general, they couch, train and counsel employees todevelop better skills.Recruitment, firing and laying off of employees when necessary.Recruiting involvescoming up with hiring questions for the interviewers and also selecting the best people for theavailable position.Providing a clear job description as well as job standards. Orientation shouldalso be handled properly as this will be the first time the new employee is being shown around
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