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Reflection on differences in Media docx.

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Added on  2020-02-18

Reflection on differences in Media docx.

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: CULTURAL DIFFERENCESReflection on differences in MediaName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
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2CULTURAL DIFFERENCES The Australian culture follows the Western culture that is derived from the Britain andalso influenced by geographical distribution in Australia. Media plays an important role inrepresenting the cultural differences in every country as well as in Australia. However, the mediaas for example, the television makes programs that reflect the values and life of the people inAustralia those follow the British culture (Gripsrud 2017). Such television programs do notreflect on the values and lives of indigenous people those are present in Australia. Mostly thebroadcasts follow the English language in Australia, which ensures that the media gives priorityto the British culture in Australia. In the recent years, the media has started to give importance tothe indigenous people and other cultures. This study deals with the role of different media inpresenting the cultural difference in the context of Australia.Media is a vital tool in representing the cultural differences of a country as through thispeople can understand the choice, lifestyle, and religion of people belonging from differentcultures (Chao et al. 2017). However, in the Australia channel 7, 9 and 10 are the popularchannels of television that represent the British culture through developing the images of suchculture. However, in the previous, the Australian television programs mainly focus on the Britishculture and there is less account of information about the lives and values of the indigenouspeople. The mass media of the Australia fails to represent experience and the identity of theindigenous people and other religious and ethnic groups. Therefore, many media use racistlanguages that affect the cultural diversity in the Australia.Cultural differences are generated through the media by focusing on their religion, food,lifestyle and the languages (Pennycook 2017). However, in the recent years, the government ofAustralia has adopted the multiculturalism as the public policy (Turner and Chin 2017). Hence,for this reason, the media also started to represent the cultural differences in their programs. SBS
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3CULTURAL DIFFERENCESbroadcast in Australia focuses on the multicultural programs that exhibit the cultural differencesproperly. The television broadcasts current affairs, news, sports and other cultural programs. Onthe other hand, the television programs and the newspapers highlight on the key differencesbetween the British culture and the other cultures that develop highly cultural differences inAustralia. However, maximum media give importance to the British culture rather than othercultures in the Australia by developing programs and news that are British culture oriented.Therefore, the media especially the television programs highlight on the positive aspects of theBritish culture and loopholes of the other cultures that ensure the major areas of the culturaldifferences. However, by showing religious programs and using the English language in thetelevision program the media represents the cultural differences in Australia. Programs related to the lifestyle of different people derived from different cultures occurin the television program. This is a crucial way of the television to exhibit the culturaldifferences in the Australia (Sheldon et al. 2017). Therefore, through exhibiting news of thedifferent cultures via television and the newspapers the cultural differences are represented bythe media in Australia.Commercial television channels focus on the development of the particular culture.However, the commercial television channel in Australia tries to uphold the dominant discoursesby developing a good image of the British culture. The owners of the commercial channels oftenface the pressure from the political parties in a country that leads them to make the particularculture to be dominant through broadcasting the programs (Valdivia 2017). The commercialtelevision channel exhibits the programs that make the British culture popular by broadcastingtheir values and lives through many programs. On the other hand, such channels neglect thelifestyle and value of the indigenous people and the individuals of other religions. This
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