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Role of Customer Loyalty- Case of British Airways

Added on - 03 Feb 2020

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Research TitleTo investigate the impact of customer loyalty on the business performance and sales oforganisation: A case of British Airways.1 INTRODUCTIONCustomer is very significant role within the corporation by which firm can improve itsproductivity and profitability. It is very important for company to satisfy customer and deliverservices accordingly. Customer loyalty is highly assisted to organisation in enhancing businessperformance and sales.The following research aim is to analyse the strategy to improve customerloyalty so as company can able to improve its performance as well a sales of product andservices. For this purpose, investigator has used various research methodologies which assistedin investigate the information about customer loyalty with respect of the British Airways. It is theflag carrier and the largest airline in the UK.Research AimTo study the role of customer loyalty in improving the business performance and sales oforganisation: A case of British Airways.Research ObjectiveTo explore the understanding about customer loyaltyTo analyse factor that affect customer loyalty or customer attraction of the British AirwayTo understand the influence of customer loyalty on the business performance and saleTo recommend the strategy to improve customer loyalty so as corporation can able toenhance business performance and sales.Research QuestionsWhat is the meaning and concept of customer loyaltyWhat are different factors which influence customer loyalty and their satisfaction levelWhat are the relationship between customer loyalty and business performanceWhat are different strategies to improve customer loyalty in the company.British airways is one of the world leading global premium airline. It flies to more than300 destination worldwide and carried 32 million passengers. In the following study, investigatorhave main objective to select this topic is that scholar have great interest and curiosity to know
more about the business performance and customer loyalty about their organisation. In additionto this, researcher have sufficient knowledge and sources to investigate the relevant informationabout this topic. In addition to this, another major reason to choose this topic is that Britishairline have strong position and brand image in the market in the field of airline.LITERATURE REVIEWUnderstanding about the customer loyaltyAs per the view ofYuksel, Yuksel and Bilim,(2010) customer loyalty is a behaviour andattitude of the customer by which they influence to purchase the product and services from thesame organisation. It can be said that it is a trust of the customer upon the organisation and brandby which they believe that company is always loyal and true with them about the quality,features and process of the product and services. On the contradicting viewYoshid and James,(2010) stated that customer loyalty is a measure that aid in measuring the performance and valueof the organisation. If customer loyalty of the organisation is strong then its profitability andmarket share can automatically high.Factors affect customer loyalty about the product and servicesAccording to the view ofPanneerselvam, (2014) the things which affect the customermind at the time of purchasing the product and services is known as the customer loyaltycomponents. As per the view ofFiegen, (2010) prices is major component that affect thecustomer loyalty. Many customer likes to purchase that product and services which is availablein the lower prices. Price is major factor which is considered by the customer at the time ofpurchasing the product and services. In the contradicting viewNeuman and Robson, (2012) saidthat quality and feature is another major component that affect the customer loyalty about theproduct and services. Most of the customer likes to purchase that commodities which providesthe high quality and effective features to customers. Product quality and features are thatmeasure which satisfy the needs and want of the customer. Therefore, most of the customerattracted toward that product which effectively satisfy their need and wants.Impact of customer loyalty on the business performance and salesAccording to the view ofGay, Mills and Airasian, (2011) customer loyalty is one of themeasure and tool by which company performance and sales can automatically improved. It is akind of process by which customer influence to buy the product and services from sameorganisation. Once the customer are influence to purchase the product and services again and
again then profitability and sales of the firm will automatically improve. On the other hand ifcustomer loyalty are poor of the business unit then market share, profitability will automaticallydecrease. In the opinion of Beard (2014) customer loyalty assists in developing the strong brandimage of the organisation in the market. Once the organisation's customer loyalty improved thencompany can easily launch the new product and services because firm ensures that customer willdefiantly like the new product and services. According to the view ofEid, (2011) customerloyalty can affect the customer service. If customer gets the prompt and quick services thencustomer will automatically satisfy and attracted to purchase the product and services from thesame organisation.RESEARCH METHODOLOGYResearch Methodology is one of the aspect that assist to the researcher in investigatingthe issue of the research study. With assistance of the research methodology, scholar can easilyaddress the actual issue and problem. In addition to this researcher can also address the reliableand valuable conclusion of the study. There are various kinds of methods that need to consider inthe research methodology that is research philosophies, research approach, research techniques,research design, data collection, sampling etc. In the following research study, the major aim isto analyse the impact of the customer loyalty on the performance and sales of the Britishairways. For this objective, scholar will use the various methods and techniques of the researchmethodology-Research Philosophie-This is significant aspect in the research methodology by whichinvestigator can conduct an impressive study. This helps in addressing the right andoptimum solution for entire investigation. It is divided into two kinds that isinterpritivism and positivism (Smith, 2015). Interpritivism research philosophy addressthe concept, model and framework. On the other hand in the positivism researchphilosophy, scholar have main aim to consider on the main motive of the research study.In the following investigation, positivism research philosophy will applied because thethrough which right solution can obtain.Research approach- Research approach assist in addressing the right solution about theresearch questions. While scholar uses some hypothesis then it is known as inductiveapproach. On the other hand in the deductive approach, hypothesis are framed by theresearcher. In the present research study, deductive research approach will apply in order
to analyse the impact of the customer loyalty on the business performance and sales ofthe British airways.Research techniques- Research Technique is one of the major part of the researchmethodology which assist in addressing the main objective of research study (Taylor,Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). There are major two kinds of research techniques that isqualitative and quantitative. In this following research study, both qualitative andquantitative research technique will apply to address the valid and reliable conclusion ofthe investigation.Data collection- Data collection is a crucial aspect methodology through scholar willcollect the information about the topic of study. There are major two kinds of datacollection technique that is primary and secondary (Mackey and Gass, 2015). In theprimary data collection, interview, survey, questionnaire, observation can use by scholar.In the secondary data collection, scholar can use secondary information by secondarysources. In the following research study survey method will use for the data collection.Scholar will conduct the survey of 30 customers of the British Airway.Sampling-This is another significant aspect by which researcher can select some sampleand some people or group of people can take sample size. In this following research,random sampling is used and 30 customers of the British airway will select a sample size.ACTIVITY/WEEK12345678Developtheresearch proposalDesign the researchaim and objectivesReview of theresearchmethodologiesDesign the literaturereviewCollect the primaryand secondary data
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