Role of Globalisation in Business

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Research Form
Research Proposal FormStudent Name: ______________________ Student ID:____________Centre Name: _____________________Tutor: ________________ Date:___________________Unit: ____________________Proposed Title: ______________________________________________Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesTitle or working title of the research project (in the form of aquestion, objective or hypothesis)How globalisation can drive business success. A study on CADBURY.Aim:To understand the role of globalisation in driving business success bydealing with operational inefficiency. A study on CADBURY.Research objectives (e.g what is the question you want to answer?What do you want to learn how to do? What do you want to findout?):Research objectivesTo determine the role of globalisation in enhancing operational efficiency of anorganisation.To analyse the ways with which organisational can deal with operational inefficiencyat international level.To ascertain the relationship between globalisation of operation and increasingproductivity of organisationResearch questionsWhat is the role of globalisation in enhancing operational efficiency of an organisation?
What are the ways through which organisational can deal with operational inefficiencyat international level ?What relationship does globalisation of operation shares with increasing productivityof organisation ?Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectReasons for choosing the project (e.g links to other subjects youare studying, personal interest, future plans, knowledge/skills youwant to improve, why the topic is important):The reason behind selecting this topic is to identify the benefit that a company get afterglobalising business operations so that the user may improve their knowledge regradingbusiness operations at global level.This knowledge will further support researcher in futurepractices while working at a multinational organisation. In addition of this when this researchgets published it support in generating awareness regarding benefits that globalisation bringsto an organisation. It also holds academic importance which support students to enhance theirknowledge by considering practical example as a part of their study.Section Three: Literature sources searchedUse of key literature sources to support your research question,objective or hypothesis:The role of globalisation in enhancing productivity of CADBURYAccording to view point of Saxena, 2014 Globalisation of business support a company to gainseveral benefits like access to technology, raw material, resources and manpower at cheaperrate. This support an organisation to improve the quality of operations by adopting the highquality of resources and other material at relatively lower price to produce more standardisedproduct. This is because, an organisation adopt the expansion of business operations at globallevel so that it would be able to provide more standardised products by adopting the cultureand taste of people within a particular region so that variation in product can be taken intoconsideration. This also contribute toward increasing the sales and profitability of a companyat global market by increasing its brand value among customers resides at several differentlocations.Ways adopted by organisation to deal with operational inefficiency at international level.As per the view point of Sammy Collins, 2019, globalisation is the process in which
organisational activities are conducted on international level across countries. This support anorganisation to get access to several factor which help in enhancing the level of operationalquality by removing the issues which an organisation faces at current place of operations. Byentering into global market an organisation get access to more capital which make it easier forthem to invest toward improving the operational efficiency in term of installing newmachineries, providing training to employees, hiring expertise. Despite of this, it also supportin getting access to more advanced technology which help in improving the productionprocess of companies and thus contributed toward enhancing the operational efficiency.The relationship between globalisation of operation and increasing productivityFrom the view point of Grossman and Helpman, 2015, globalisation holds up a directrelationship with an organisational success by improving and standardising the businessoperation through integration of culture and practices. By expanding the business operationsat global level, an organisation become able to maintain its cost of production in effectivemanner as with the expansion of business it become able to access the resources and othermaterial of high quality at cheaper rate which contribute toward increasing its productivity.Hence, the globalisation of business operations proves to be more beneficial for increasing theproductivity of company that further contributed toward increasing market share by becomingable to satisfy the need of customers.Research gapIt is required by different department to perform their operation in effective manner in orderto reduce the chances of error which directly affect the performance as well as operationalefficiency of a company. Hence, in order to deal with the issue of operational inefficiencycompany can expand in such countries which contains high skilled labour, technologicaladvancement and provide more access to capital which help in removing the reasons behindinefficiency involve in operations. This assist in improving the practices performed forimproving operational efficiency.ReferencesCollins. S. 2019. Globalization – Concept, Causes and Consequences. [Online] Availablethrough: <>.Saxena, A., 2014. Workforce diversity: A key to improve productivity.Procedia Economicsand Finance.11. pp.76-85.Grossman, G. M. and Helpman, E., 2015. Globalization and growth. American Economic
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