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Role of Internet of Things Assignment

Added on - 30 Dec 2020

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Research Proposal FormStudent Name:Student Number:Centre Name:Tutor:Date:Unit:Proposed title:
Section One: Title, objective, responsibilitiesTopic:To analyse the role of IoT (Internet of Things) in enhancing operations in the context of UK retail sector-A study on Sainsbury’sBackground of the study:The digital technological advancement has provided better avenues for maximisingoperations of company in the best manner possible. In relation to this, IoT has largely influenced businessesoperations and benefited them as well (Bok, 2016). For this proposal, Sainsbury’s, giant in retail sector of UK hasbeen selected for analysing role of IoT on operations of organisation. Further, deeper insight about researchmethods and timelines will also be provided.Research aim and objectivesAim:“To analyse the role of IoT (Internet of Things) in enhancing operations in the context of UK retail sector-A study on Sainsbury’s”Objectives:To develop understanding behind the role of IoT in Sainsbury’s operationsTo make deeper insights about importance of IoT in enhancement of operations of Sainsbury’sTo recommend ways to improve operations by re-building IoT for maximising performance ofSainsbury’sResearch questions:Q1. What is role of IoT in enhancing operations of Sainsbury’s?Q2. Does overall operations in Sainsbury’s improves by implementing IoT?Q3. Does performance of Sainsbury’s enhances after implementation of IoT?Section Two: Reasons for choosing this research projectMain reason of choosing research project is to analyse role of IoT in retail sector as improvement in operationsare possible. Another reason is that impact of technology is influencing retail sector up to a high extent. With thehelp of thematic analysis, research will provide role of IoT in company.
Section Three: Literature sources searchedAs per the views ofNowodzinski, Łukasik and Puto(2016), IoT is helping business to elevate customer loyalty,boost sales, offering personalised experience and also improving inventory management. Customer experience isenhanced by utilising IoT. Furthermore, Iot enables to gain useful insights with reference to consumerpreferences, thereby, helping to improve customer experience. Innovative models are making their way such assmart shelves. It contains three elements like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag, RFID reader andantenna. RFID tags have integrated circuit and microchip antenna helped to transmit data to RFID reader. Theinformation is collected from RFID tags and then finally sent to IoT platform where information is analysed andstored.According toGanesan, Maragatham and Lavanya(2016), inventory management is also possible becauseof IoT as it automatically monitors level of stock and sends alert to management if certain item is running low andor it will expire soon. By tracking stock levels, IoT enables to reduce stress, remove operational inefficiencies andsave costs up to a major extent. By transmitting important information to management, retailers can easilybecome aware about customer needs and preferences in the best manner possible.Lee(2017) says that business is able to attain more efficiency by using robots. They have potentialimportance to retail sector as BI intelligence predicts that enormous robots such as more than 2.8 million arelikely to provided to businesses in coming years. Services to shoppers are provided through robots by little or nohuman interaction. This enhances shoppers' experience and quick services are offered to them.Sioshansi(2016)argues that IoT is dramatically influencing retail sector. Role of IoT is increasing and business can even attainenhanced operations. With the integration of IoT solutions, successful marketing campaigns are possible whichare based on customer behaviour and better quality services can be provided. This also ensures that reduction inoperational costs are made.REFERENCESBooks and JournalsBok, B.G.J., 2016.Innovating the retail industry: an IoT approach(Bachelor's thesis, University of Twente).Nowodzinski, P., Łukasik, K. and Puto, A., 2016. Internet Of Things (Iot) In A Retail Environment. The NewStrategy For Firm’s Development.European Scientific Journal, ESJ.12(10).Ganesan, V., Maragatham, G. and Lavanya, U. S., 2016. A Study of IoT in SCM and its nodes in MultimodalBusiness Process.Indian Journal of Science and Technology.9(21).Lee, I. ed., 2017.The Internet of Things in the Modern Business Environment. IGI Global.
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