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2ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGEIntroductionThis reflection report discusses the role of power and politics that people play in theorganization. It also describes the positive and negative impact of power and politics in theorganization. This report explains the relationship between power and politics, andemployee’s performance.Power of Change agentI observed that a change agent is an individual from inside and outside the company whosupports to transform of organizational policy by concentrating on such concept asorganizational improvement, development, and effectiveness. It also concentrates on theinteraction between people and organization (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). In the organization,when individual transforms their power into activities then other members of organizationseek that individual is engaged in politics. An employee could quit their job when politicslevelgetsbeyond their expectation. In addition, it can also be said that if an employee hassound knowledge on many areas, appropriate skills, but not having the ability to manage thepolitical issues or political atmosphere, then they will be disappointed in their organization.Organizational politics is defined as the accomplishment of employees needs withoutharming the company resources (Saleem, 2015).Theories of change managementI gained my understanding towards model of change management through online sources thatcould be effective to deal with changes.I observed that the Kurt Lewin’s change Modelsupporttoeffectivelydeal with changes at the working place. I gained my awareness towardsthree components like unfreezing,changingand refreezing. This theory also leads toeffectively manage their team member and obtain thefavorableresult (Goetsch and Davis,2014). This theory assists me to deal withmany politicalissues like lust of power, scarceresources, discretionary power, Organization culture, Scarce resources, organizational
3ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGEculture, and Safeguarding oneself during downsizing. I also observed about certain changemanagement theories likesocio-technicalapproach and organizational development theory.Through social approach theory, I gained my understanding about semi-autonomousworkgroup that is the foundation of theorganization. Hence, it can be said that the socialapproach would also support me to effectively deal the change management issues and leadteam member appropriately. In addition, it is also found that this theoryhelpsto make astrong relationship with society member that will be beneficial to improve my personal aswell as professional life. Moreover, this theory also assists to effectively work with termmember and obtain thepositiveresult (McKay, 2017).From the course, I gained myunderstanding about discretionary power as it influencebehaviorof individuals who areworking in the organization. I also observed that individualdesires to acquire and increasetheir power for attracting another member of the organization. The fixed position of anindividual in the company has discretionary powers as it could be utilized in the case ofemergency (Hoekman and Mavroidis, 2015). These kinds of power are used by the higherranked individuals. Hence, other individuals could involve in the politics. In addition, it isalso determined that some resources in the company are rare that could negatively impact ontheir performance (Hess, 2014). I observed that changes in the working place could directimpact on thebehaviorof high ranked people as it could create the possibility of politics inthe workplace. Higher ranked people could try to grab opportunity duringrearrangement oforganizational policies. People try to play politics to meet their interest. It is also evaluatedthat individual could improve their skills by leanings. But, individual generally utilizesshortcut method to make prompt progress in getting a higher position within the company. Inaddition, I also learned that lack of specific skills could increase the possibilities of politics atthe working place. It enables an individual to conduct politicalbehaviorin the organization.The culture of organization could direct impact on the political environment (Jervis, 2017).
4ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGEPersonal experienceFor illustration, wheniworked as a change agent in last organization theniobserved manypolitical issues like low trust, biased performance evaluation system, high pressure forperformance, and role ambiguity at the working place. I observed that such issues could beeliminated by thesocialapproach. This theory aidsto develop areliablerelationship withemployees. Consequently, it will support the organization to lead the employees and obtainthereliableresult (Lobo and Curtice, 2014).It is also evaluated that when the performance ofthe company is downsizing and they start to improve their efficiency, then employees couldengage in sort of politics for securing their existing status quo (Shrestha and Baniya, 2016).The organization could use the power tactics to eliminate the politics from the workingculture and make a positive atmosphere. As a result, it could be supportive to retainemployees for long-term (Popescu and Huru, 2016). As earlier, I unable to appropriatelymanage the changes at the working place but now I am awareof therangeof changemanagement theories that could support me to manage the changes. This module also helps toimprove my personal and professional life by improving my existing skills. Thus, I observedthat improved my many skills with respect to communication, interpersonal skills, changemanagement, decision making, and making arelationshipwith others.Negotiation and bargaining method in change managementNegotiation and bargaining enable the organization to share their profits and loss betweengroups (Perkmann and Spicer, 2014). Negotiating supports to eliminate conflicts among theemployees as it would help to make a positive relationship with their employers in theupcoming period. A group and individuals who have higher power then they could be morecapable to obtain advantages as compared low power holder (McNair, 2017). In addition, itis also evaluated that group member has obligation to share their innovative ideas and viewsbetween themselves as it would help to accomplish the specified aim of an organization. I
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