Role of public health care

Added on - Jun 2020

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INTRODUCTIONHealth is a most indispensable aspect for every individual in order to live their life morecomfortably without facing any growth barriers. It has been observed that number of small townsare facing major problems regarding their well-being because they don't have knowledge aboutsymptoms of specific disease. Therefore, assignment is focussing towards significance of mobileservices in New south Wales by showing distinct problems that are encountered by individualssuch as; lung cancer. Moreover, highlights the reason behind selecting this region andrequirement of health information at this place.MAIN BODYNew south Wales is falls under south eastern Australia which are differ from coastalcities and facing numerous of problem due to lack of resources. However, one of the majorreason behind selecting this nation is that as per data this region is consider as most populouscity by having almost 6.7 million of population. Thus, it is essential to focus on development ofhuman being by conducting various promotional programmes. Main objective to conduct sessionis to enhance the knowledge of various people whomsoever are not aware about the technique ofidentifying diseases. It has been identified that various diseases are taking place at societal placefrom which lung cancer is increasing day by day due to numerous of reasons like; smoking,improper diet and so on.Additionally, governing bodies are playing a very eminent role in protecting indigenouspeople from dangerous disease by implementing campaign as well as design association such as;world health organization hence forth. Beside this, some of the major reason due to which aperson get attacked by cancer are described below:-Improper diet because of unaware about healthy foods.People are eager to enjoy smoking which resulted as a lung cancer.Breathing of randon gas which is harmful for windpipe of individual.However, most injurious thing is smoking for common people because it affects the chestof human beings and create risky situation. It means, it is indispensable to conduct variouscampaigns at educational institution, colleges, society and smaller community in order toimprove their knowledge on this subject area. Some of the steps which must be taken by projecthandler for reducing this issue is discussed below:-1
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