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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYSocial media is a kind of service which is based on web, that gives opportunity to everyindividual of creation of either a public or semi-public profile within a restricted system, list ofothers is added with those one with whom they shares a bond and affection and view their list ofconnections(Alwagait, Shahzad and Alim, 2015).So, the motive of this research is to identify theimpact on academic performance of the students of London University because of the usage ofsocial sites.In order to examine the effect of social media a questionnaire is developed which isbased on the past literatures. The sample of 30 students from London University is selected usingsimple random sampling method. Data is analysed by using the thematic analysis tool. The resultindicates that maximum students are in the favour of the use of YouTube. The reports concludesthat YouTube has its positive impacton the student's academic performance. Finally, it isrecommended that the London University must provide digitalise classes to its students to retaintheir interest in class-room study.
INTRODUCTIONSocial sites or mediabecome the integral and important partof the life of every students.Nowadays, social media get entered in everyone's personal life and also has its impact onstudents' or learners' academic performance. As the use of social media or social sites amongstudents is increasing day by day, the life of students get effected by this. The excessusage ofsocial sites/mediain daily life imposeadverse effecton the student's performance in theirclassroom and in extra curricular activities(Habes and, 2018). Social media also have itspositive impact on students as they get socialise through social media and come to know the factsof external world. The productive use of anything will always be fruitful, but the use of anythingin unproductive manner will returned as a punishment(Barton and, 2018).Time is more precious than anything else, once it pass, it will never come back. Theexcessive engagement of students in social media is letting them to waste their precious time andthey become idle resources to the nature. The excessuse of the social sitesalso adversely effectsthe health of the students. They become less productive. Theuse of social sitesimpacts the gradepoints and percentage of the students and also make them inactive to play any sports.The usageof social media is tends to increasefrom approximately last 10 years and nowadays it seems thatit is on its peak(Owusu-Acheaw and Larson, 2015).This researchwill describe that how the academic performance of the students geteffectedbecause of the use of social sites/media. It will try to find some effective solutions to getrid of the negativeeffects of the social sites/media on student's academic performance. Researchwill highlight research methodologies and their suitability for the current investigation. Inaddition, results will be find out by using thematic analyses technique.AIM AND OBJECTIVESAim“To analyses role of social media (YouTube) in academic achievement of university students: Astudy on London University”ObjectivesTo determine concept of social media and its usesTo identify benefits and drawbacks associated with social mediaTo analyses the impact of using YouTube on final grading of University students.1
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