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Running head: ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN IMPROVING LIVESRole of Social Media in Improving LivesName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN IMPROVING LIVESAccording to Zeng and Gerritsen (2014), social media are collections of online channelsof communication that are dedicated to community-based interactions, sharing of content andcollaborations. These involve technologies that are mediated or controlled by means of computerthat is designed in order to facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, careerinterests and the like. These take place through the means of virtual communities and networks.They have been capable to remove all types of obstacles while providing any kind of informationor advices to people. People can have access to any information within a very short span of time.They have made lives of the people easier as they are able to connect with each other even withpeople in the far away countries and have the business easier (Duggan and Brenner 2013).The major advantage of the social media is the easier way of connectivity. People fromany part of the world can connect with each other much easily. Social media has brought thewhole world close to each other as result people are free to share their ideas and thoughts withthe others irrespective of the religion (Gikas and Grant 2013). The students as well as theteachers are the most benefitted with the introduction of the social media. The experts and theprofessionals can teach others quite easily with the help of social media. One can learn thesubject of choice from the social media irrespective of the location and educational backgroundsof the person and even without paying any kind of course fees. Since the world is consisted ofpeople belonging from different religions and beliefs, social media has helped in the building andparticipation of the people in their own community and religion. The people can also interactwith the people of different religions and communities, so that they can learn and collect certaininformation about them (Tess 2013).
2ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN IMPROVING LIVESWith the help of social media, one can keep themselves updated about the current affairsthat are occurring in the world. Most of the time, it has been seen that the television and the printmedia are biased and are not able to convey the true message, but this is not so with the socialmedia. The facts and other information are readily available just by doing some simple research.Every people who are associated with the business whether online or offline are able to conveytheir message to the audiences and to their valuable customers through the different types ofsocial media (Laroche, Habibi and Richard 2013). The business can be promoted not only to thelocal communities but to the world at large. This process of promotion is more effective andpocket friendly as most of the expenses in any business is incurred on the promotion of thebusiness by means of advertising. The businessmen can improve their sales and the reputation ofthe business. Positive comments shared on the social media by the customers, can help thebusiness with the sales and goodwill.The social media is the most effective in the promotion of the works of any NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and such social welfare agencies. The welfare activitiesand the donations required for the needy people can also be promoted by means of the socialmedia. People can also help these needy people in receiving the donations by the help of thesocial media (Van Dijck 2013). These Medias also help to create a sense of awareness among thepeople and innovate and improve the lifestyle of the people. People have discovered many newand inventive goods that are capable of improving the personal lives of the people. The socialmedia has helped the governments a lot in improving the conditions of the country. The securityagencies are also benefited with the use of social media as they can spy on the criminals andseize them (Fuchs 2017).
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