Academic Writing Thesis: Role of Social Networking Sites in HR decisions

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Running head: ROLE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES IN HR DECISIONSAcademic WritingThesis Statement: Human resource professionals take full advantage of social networkingsites while performing HR functions which result in reducing operating costs and increasingemployees’ efficiency.P a g e|0
ROLE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES IN HR DECISIONSRole of Social Networking Sites in Human Resource DecisionsAdvancement in technology and widespread use of social networking sites (SNSs)have significantly changed business across all industries and dramatically transformed theway human resource professional perform their job. This essay will critically analyse theimpact of social media sites over human resource decisions in organisations. In recent years,the role of human resource professional has grown substantially, and they perform moreduties than planning good salary and benefit packages for employees. The human resourceprofessionals are responsible for different operations such as following and implementingdiscrimination laws, establishing privacy protection policies, gaining industry knowledge,developing employees’ skills and others (Gond, Igalens, Swaen & El Akremi, 2011). Manyexperts provide that SNSs should not be acceptable in today’s society because of variousthreats that these sites poses such as cyber-attack, internet dependency, privacy issues andothers. Though, social networking sites assist human resource professional in performingvarious activities efficiently which result in increasing employees’ productive performanceand reducing company’s overall costs (Brown & Vaughn, 2011). This essay will evaluatevarious literature to examine how social media sites influence various HR functions such asrecruitment, training, communication, and others. Further, the essay will argue why the use ofSNSs for HR decisions should be widely accepted in today’s society.Social media sites can be used as a recruitment tool in organisations since it providesa wider reach to both employer and candidates and it also reduces overall recruitment cost.The research of Bicky & Kwok (2011) founded that social media sites are effectiverecruitment tool because they establish a two-way communication channel between recruitersand job candidates. The use of social media sites also reduces company’s recruitment costssince most SNSs are free to use. Bicky & Kwok (2011) research provided that in thehospitality industry, social media sites are a significant tool for recruitment since it providesemployers the advantage of instant response from job candidates which assist them inassessing candidate’s qualification and skills. According to the study of Kroeze (2015), socialmedia sites reduce the overall cost of recruitment because workload moves from employer tocandidate. The job candidates provide all the necessary information to the employer thatmakes it easier for them to analyse and select qualified employees. Henderson & Bowley(2010) stated that most of the SNSs can be accessed free of cost which also reducesrecruitment cost of recruiters. Video chatting applications enable recruiters to interviewP a g e|1
ROLE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES IN HR DECISIONScandidates from foreign countries which provide them a wider reach. Therefore, SNSs shouldbe acceptable in today’s society as a recruitment tool since it is inexpensive and efficient.Communication is a key factor in the success of a company, and social media sitesinstantly connect HR professional with employees that assist in establishing a positiveworking environment. Employees, especially millennial, spend a large amount of time onsocial media sites communicating with friends, family, and others. As per Veil, Buehner &Palenchar (2011), HR professional can use these platforms to their advantage as well. HRmanager can use social media sites to share new policy or provide feedback to employees thatestablish a positive and fast communication channel between them. Lack of effectivecommunication channel also increases job dissatisfaction rate in employees because they findit difficult to share their issues with top-level management. Macnamara & Zerfass (2012)mentioned that social media sites enable managers to provide instant feedback to employeesthat result in improving their performance. The employees also have the option to directlysend their quarries to top-level management which result in establishing a positive workingenvironment. HR professional can also use SNSs to communicate with each other whileformulating new human resource policies. According to Roth, Bobko, Van Iddekinge &Thatcher (2016), various HR functions such as salary issues, bonus, incentive problems andothers can be resolved quickly through instant communication by social media sites.Therefore, social media sites are an ideal communication channel for HR professional and itshould be accepted in today’s society.Social media sites assist leaders in effectively managing employees in largecorporations and implementing corporate changes. One of the biggest shortcomings in thetraditional communication process is that it took too long to share information betweendifferent employees and in different division. Sanchez, Levin & Del Riego (2012) providedthat most of the multinational companies find it difficult to implement corporate change indifferent branches because it is difficult to share information with each other. Social mediasites allow managers to directly interact with employees that assist them managing theworkers. Managers can use social media sites to manage the performance of a singleemployee or a group effectively. Montalvo (2011) stated that any new update or changepolicy can be easily circulated between employees and different division through socialmedia sites even in multinational corporations. SNSs are international platforms, and HRprofessional can use them to manage the performance of employees that are not workinginside the country. Senior HR managers can simply post a positive tweet on employee’sP a g e|2
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