Role of Project Manager in Commercial Negotiation

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1FUTURE ASSIGNMENTSRole of project manager in commercial negotiationThe development of disparity due to breach of contract within the context of anorganizationhas been discussed over here. The disputes may be attributed to various crucialinternal factors such as mutual agreement to decision making and effectively implementingpolicies within the organization. The breach of the company ethics and policies may result in theemergence of arbitrations and disputed claims. The claims could be again divided into two majortypes such as –contractual claims and extra contractual claim.The contractual claim covers the rules and policies mentioned within a contract whichbinds both the producer and manufacturer of the services as well as the consumers. As mentionedby Walker (2015), any breach in such policies can result in legal obligations binding on the partof the manufacturer. The extra contractual claim is not guided by any written implications in thecontract. However, the same cover the moral obligations which are binding upon themanufacturer for covering up for the losses suffered by the customer in lieu of faulty products orservices.The topic here validates the role of the project manager through a number of presentablefacts and hypothesis. Disputes and arbitrations are common within the context of a contract andhave been seen as an unavoidable hindrance in the aspect of the worldview. However assupported by Winch (2014), the choice of dispute resolution should take into account thecharacteristic of the transaction. Therefore, in order to evaluate the true and false hypothesisinitially the nature and the cause of the dispute need to be understood. However as argued byMartinsuo and Killen (2014), arising of conflicts are inevitable within the context of anorganizational setup and could be managed by communications alone. Therefore, such

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