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Running head: SPORTS PSYCHOLOGYSports PsychologyName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1SPORTS PSYCHOLOGYIntroductionThe following essay is about the comparing and contrasting the various types of drugsthat are used for the better performance in sports. It is a common notion in the sports field thatdifferent types of drugs are used by the athletes and players in different kinds of sports. Thesedifferent kinds of drugs are used by them os they can enhance their performance in the sports.Thus they think they will be able to perform better and they can outlast all their rivals. However,they have to remember that this does not work as they intend. It is because these different typesof drugs have different components in them. These drugs have different impacts on them. Eitherthese drugs can benefit the athletes or they can leave a bad impact on the physique of the players.This is why it can be suggested that the athletes must use the drugs for the proper enhancementof their performance. They should not just use these drugs simply without knowing theeffectiveness. It can harm at the psychological level of the athletes as well. This is why theathletes will need to consider these facts. If these drugs disturb the mental health of the athletestheir moral can get down and they will begin to lead an undisciplined life.Performance enhancement drugsTheperformance enhancing drugsare very important for the athletes to perform better intheir sports fields. The athletes like to use these drugs for the betterment of their performancesince they know their endurance power will increase as well. This also increases the strength andspeed of athletes. The body weight of the athletes is also very much important for the athletes tobecome successful. These drugs also take care of these facts. The speed and power of thesportspersons also can be increased and made better through the use of these things. These drugsare called the Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED). These drugs always help to improve to the
2SPORTS PSYCHOLOGYperformance of the activities for the human beings, mostly in sports. The body builders also usethese drugs properly. The human behaviors and the perceptions of pain are also changed duringthe taking of these drugs. These substances can also be taken as PEDs.Some of the substances that can be used as the PEDs in this sports field are thepharmacologic agents that are taken by the athletes more in amount than it is prescribed byphysicians, the substances that are used to control the aspects of weight control, gain or loss, thesubstances or the ingredients that are used to increase the oxygen-in taking capacity of thehuman beings and the components that are being used for any other cause than coming roundfrom any proper disease (Brand, Heck & Ziegler, 2014). Some other things used as the PEDs arethe components that are used to control the effects of the other PEDs and the natural supplementdoses that are taken than the needed amount (Waddington & Smith, 2013).These PEDs are used by the athletes just to increase the performance and get theadvantage over their rivals. The muscle growth of the performers and the athletes are very muchincreased by the use of these PEDs.Dopingis the term that is being used to intensify the use ofthe drugs in the bodies of the sports persons Pope Jr., et al., 2013). Some of the important PEDsare the anabolic steroids,androstenedione, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), diuretics, creatineand stimulants. These are very important because the use of these PEDs have various effects onthe human bodies (Momaya, Fawal & Estes, 2015).They are very high-risk components andthese things are very much important for their performance as well. Some of these componentsare good for their bodies but some of them are very harmful indeed. There are two aspects of theuse of these PEDs. They are the physiological effects and the psychological effects (Foddy &Savulescu, 2017).
3SPORTS PSYCHOLOGYTheanabolic steroidsare the steroids that are mostly used by the players and athletes.The athletes generally take in different types of the steroids, namely the anabolic steroids andanabolic-androgen steroids (Abbate et al. 2015). The testosterone hormone is the most importanthormone that is responsible for developing the male features within the individuals. The anabolicsteroids are generally the modified versions of the testosterone hormones (Savulescu, Creaney &Vondy, 2013).When the athletes go through heavy workouts in the gym, they need to get over itsoon and develop their muscles very quickly. This is why they intake the anabolic drugs (Angellet al. 2012). Some of the anabolic steroids are developed in a way that they cannot be detectedduring the drug tests. This is why they can cause great harm in the bodies of the human beings(Brennan, Kanayama & Pope, 2013).These drugs are not at all approved by the FDA and therefore not suitable for the humanbodies. There are some physiological risks in using these steroids. These are men suffer frombaldness and infertility. Their prostrates are also enlarged and their testicles are shrunken. Theathletes can tend to suffer from the increased risks of the tendonitis (Angell et al. 2012). The riskof developing acne is increased to a deeper level as well. The intake of these drugs can increasethe amount of the LDL cholesterol and decrease the amount of the amount of the HDLcholesterol. The individuals can develop certain heart complications and they can suffer fromhigh blood pressure as well. If the teenagers go on to use these components they can suffer fromseveral issues about development and growth of the body. The psychological issues that candevelop due to the use of these drugs are the individuals can suffer from mood swings anddisorders very badly, they can get very aggressive and violent all the time and they will dependon drugs much more. This is why it can be said that the use of drugs can give the athletes short-time success but this will damage the health of the athletes permanently.
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