Case Study Analysis of Libertine

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ROSTER STAFFPART – A: ANALYSISCASE STUDY: LIBERTINE-The French RestaurantIn the present case study of Libertine, the restaurant has to function for seven days aweek and needs to run 2 shifts of 8 hours each for employees as the restaurant is toremain open from 10:00 AM till 11:00 PM every day. The 14 employees, as detailed inTables-1 & 2, work in two shifts, from 10:00 AM till 03:00 PM in the first shift andfrom 05:00 PM till 11:00 PM in the second shift. In between these two shifts, they aregiven a break of 2 hours, after their first duty of 5 hours. As per the Restaurant Awardswhich have been detailed above, the main employees of Libertine are employed to workfor such adjustable hours so that their average working hours during a 4 week periodalways remains 38 hours during every week.Libertine-The French Restaurant is one of the chain of 5 such niche restaurantsoperating in Melbourne. The restaurant is famous for its ‘A la carte’ lunch and dinnerservices. From Monday to Wednesday Libertine serves 40 guests during lunch and 60guests during dinner. The inflow increases to 60 guests during lunch and 80 guestsduring dinner from Thursdays to Sundays. Average cost of the lunch is $35 and ofdinner it is $60.STAFF EMPLOYED BY LIBERTINE- THE FRENCH RESTAURANTTwo Full-time SupervisorsJay Spears (Head Chef)Tom Master (Cook-Grade-1)Two Bar AttendantsVicky Niles (Full-time)Mike Harris (Casual)(He has recently migrated to Australia and faces language barrier)
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