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RTA – Response to Advertisement Job ApplicationLetter Point Value: up to 100 points Parameters: This is an exercise in identification, composition, andformatting. You will be required to assume the ‘Jack Turner’ identitybelow. Read the narrative, identify your key information and composethe letter in a persuasive manner. Remember, you are Jack Turnertrying to secure employment. Do not write as yourself.Refer to the spacing illustration in section 6 of the textbook asyour formatting guideRefer to the Toulmin illustration in section 6 of the textbook asyour guide for placement of Toulmin Elements. Refer to the letter style, ‘block format’ in section 5. Arrangethe content of your letter according to this illustration. Instructions: Compose one ‘response to an advertisement’letter in block format using information from the narrative below.You will need to include 4 Toulmin elements in this letter:claim, support, warrants, backing.Submission: Save your document as a word document or rich.txt file using the file name: <Completed—RTA-letter-Solicited-Last Name> then submit as separate attachments using the assignment function. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My name is Jack S. Turner. Right now I live in Houston in anapartment on Jamison Ave., but not for long if I don’t find a job before Ifinish school. My dream job would be to work as a logistics managerfor a major international container shipping line. I can’t expect to walkright into this job, so settling for an entry level management position
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