Eclipse and Java Project Assignment

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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Run Eclipse, then create a Java project and call itYOURNAME-LAB3.ReplaceYOURNAMEwithyour real name.Add a class to it and name itLAB3.1.For this lab you will create one project with one class that solves several problems whichrequires from you to input some data and then use Java Math library to perform some calculation. Theseproblems should be solved inside the main method.2.Think about the possible data types for each data in every problem.3.Choose names for your variables that make sense, don't use names like r, i, j or any othernames that has one character only. Use good, multi-character, meaningful identifiers (variables) names.4.Document your work by putting comments at the top of your program. The possible commentsthat you need for this program are the program prolog (name of the programmer, the date when s/hefinish working on it and its purpose). In addition to that you have to write some extra comments betweenthe lines of the code to show why you write your code this way. Remember that comments in Java areeither:Starts with // in case the comment is one line onlyBetween /* and */ if the comment is taking more than one lineProblem 1: (Flagpole Height)A person stands 150 ft away from a flagpole and measures an angle of elevation of 32? from his horizontalline of sight to the top of the flagpole. Assume that the person’s eyes are a vertical distance of 6 ft from theground. Write a java program that find the height of the flagpole? Hint: Do your calculation on paper first thenwrite the code. You have to use the MATH class to help you solving this problem. - Think about the functionyou need to use based on the given infromation -Problem 2: (Balloon Speed)The angle of elevation of a hot air balloon, climbing vertically, changes from 25 degrees at 10:00 am to 60degrees at 10:02 am. The point of observation of the angle of elevation is situated 300 meters away from thetake-off point. What is the upward speed, assumed constant, of the balloon? Give the answer in meters persecond and round it to two decimal places. You have to use the MATH class to help you solving this problem
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