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Running head: INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND COUNTER TERRORISMInternational Cooperation and Counter TerrorismName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND COUNTER TERRORISMIntroductionThe turn of the twenty first century brought about a lot of significant changes in thefunctioning of the world. One of such changes was that of the introduction of the ideasof globalization and the related opening up of the borders of the different countries ofthe world. Such opening up of the borders led to the intermingling of the cultures andtraditions of the world. The birth of the human civilization is characterised by severalimportant attributes, one of which is the growth and development of certain cultureswhich are specific to one community. In other words, it can be observed that eachhuman community can be delineated from the others by understanding their traditionsand customs which are peculiar only to them. This is significant to understand becausewhereas the human civilization has the characteristic feature of being the the mostsmartest species on the face of the Earth, they are essential divided and separated fromeach other based on their belief system and the values they hold. One of the mostimportant attribute of a human being is that they are essential extremely self servingbeings. This means that they are protective about their interest and are desirous of thefulfillment of their own selfish motives. This in turn, has given birth to many hostilitiesand conflicts which have only gained significant foot hold with the dawn of the twentyfirst century (Jackson 2018). This is intriguing to understand because one of the mostsignificant features of the contemporary world is that is is inclined to the observation ofpeace and security in the world. However, due to the personal designs of the humanbeings in different parts of the world, at times it is observed that the inclinations of suchindividuals are often at conflict with the greater interest of the nation states. This hasgiven birth to the most concerning problems of the modern world which is the issue ofterrorism. Terrorism can therefore be implied that it flows from the desire to attain some
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND COUNTER TERRORISMof the selfish motives of the individuals of the society (Wilkinson 2016.). However,terrorism is essentially seen to have certain significant political designs which are theend motives of such individuals who are termed as terrorists. In order to counteract suchforms of terrorism in all of its forms and manner, the different nation states of the worldhas taken up the important and difficult task of formulating and initiating certainmeasures which would be able to tackle such heinous activities of some of theindividuals of the society. However, an important problem that can be noticed to this endis that often times the international community as a whole is unable to undertakemeasures which would effectively be able to counter act such acts of terrorism. Thisessentially flows from the attitude of the different nation states of the world with regardto their own national interest and its fulfillment (Wilkinson 2015). This essay tries tounderstand the different problems which are faced at the international sphere toundertake such measures of counter terrorism. In this regard, the main purpose of theessay is to analyze the various difficulties which are inherent at the internationalcooperation in counter terrorism.Meaning of terrorismTerrorism refers to the establishment of a situation by a particular individual or agroup of individuals whose main objective is to imbibe fear in the kinds of the people(Laqueur 2017). Terrorism arises when there is a particular objective of such individualsto achieve. Such objectives are usually related to the achievement of something politicalin nature. Terrorists make use of violence and fear in order to fulfill their primarymotives. There is no particular ideology of the different terrorist groups that are seen tobe in existence in the modern contemporary world. Terrorist outfits can follow eitherright wing or left wing ideology, be either religious or nationalistic in their orientation
INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AND COUNTER TERRORISM(Jongman 2017). Thus, it can be believed that terrorism does not have any particularaffiliation to any particular nation or ideology, they are simply desirous of achievingtheir own selfish motives and to this end, they are determined to use weapons of fear andviolence.To this effect, it can be stated that terrorism is a highly undesirable social activity.Activities related to terrorism often causes severe and unimaginable damage to live andproperty (Nacos 2016). Furthermore, it not only causes physical damages but also causescertain emotional damages as well. The fear which is generated in the minds of thepeople often makes them vulnerable to undertake certain activities which they otherwisewould not have adhered to. This leads to the degeneration of the social fabric of thehuman community which in turn, leads to the loss of the inherent culture and traditionsof the community as whole (Martin 2017). Terrorism therefore has a significant adverseimpact on the entire human civilization.Historical background of the rise of terrorismTerrorism is seen to have its roots in the historical times of the emergence of thehuman civilization. Its roots can be traced back to the first century AD where assassinssuch as the Hashhashin and the Sicarii made use of violence and conflict in order toachieve their objectives (Laqueur 2017). The Sicarii wee a zealot group of the Jews whoused violence to murder and assassin the enemies of their own state, Judea. As a result,the killed the Roman rulers in the name of protection of their motherland. TheHashhahins on the other hand, were active during the 11thcentury to the 13thcentury(Townshend 2018). They belonged to the region of Syria and Iran and were a secretiveIslamic group of murderers.It was in the year of 1793 that the word ‘terrorism’ took a form as we know today.
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