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Assignment Genetics

Added on -2019-09-18

This assignment discusses the use of biotechnology in day-to-day life, its impact on health, concerns of developing life-threatening diseases, cloning of animals and plants, and food safety.
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Running Title: Assignment GeneticsASSIGNMENTGenetics
GeneticsPart 1Ans 1.In day-to-day life we can find various examples of biotechnology that use bacteria to produce curd, cheese, wine, vinegar along with medicines and vaccines(Squassina et al., 2010).Ans 2.Biotechnology saved my mother’s life; she was suffering from heart blockades which was cleared by biotechnology derived clotdissolving (thrombolytic) drugs (Wardlaw et al., 2014). Ans 3. Yes, I have some concern of developing of different life threatening diseases through modified virus/bacteria which could be mistakenly spread outside the laboratory conditions. Such conditions although not prominent but can happen through some mischievous elements. Part 2Ans 1.Against the popular belief, the cloned and normal animals are different and their similarity is sortof like identical twins. The cloning can be done by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT), a laboratory technique where the genes of the normal animal is inserted into the enucleated ova (Tesar 2014). Thereafter, ova are transferred to a surrogate female where it develops like a natural embryo. Another method is embryos splitting, which involves splitting of embryo at an early developmental stage and generate "twins" (Illmensee and Levanduski, 2010).Ans 2.

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