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2SAFEGUARDING IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARETABLE OF CONTENTSPageNo.1.1Explain why particular individuals and groups may be vulnerable to abuseand/or harm to self and others.3-41.2Review risk factors which may lead to incidence of abuse and/or harm t selfand other41.3Analyse the impact of social and cultural factors on different types of abuseand/or harm to self and others52.1Analyse the strengths and weaknesses in current legislation and policyrelating to those vulnerable to abuse6-72.2Explain how key professionals are involved in the protection of individualsand groups vulnerable to abuse7-83.1Explain existing working practices and strategies designed to minimiseabuse in health and social care contexts.8-93.2Evaluate the effectiveness of working practices and strategies used tominimise abuse in health and social care contexts93.3Discuss possible improvements to working practices and strategies tominimise abuse in health and social care context10
2SAFEGUARDING IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CAREPREFACEBad along with ill attitude along with ill dialects at present have become a part of the society.These ill attitudes of the person in the society are polluting the atmosphere of the society. Toprotect the society from the bad behaviour proper measures should be taken. The bad attitudewill be eliminated from the society by giving an equally treatment to all the people in thesociety without any favouritism. In order to make the community free from the ill treatmentthe management should frame plans as well as techniques.AC1.1Explain why particular individuals and groups maybe vulnerable to abuse and/or harm to self and others.The word abuse means to harms people either mentally or physically. The various kinds ofabuse are as follows:Physical: the act of harming the people by harming them on their body is known asphysical abuse. In this the abuse is done by touching the body of the other person. Forinstance slapping, kicking, hitting etc are physical abuse.Sexual: any forceful as well as unwanted treatment done in order to harm the body aswell as the private part of the body is termed as the sexual abuse.Self neglect- if a person is causing harm to itself by not taking proper care is selfneglect. In this people doesn’t pays attention on its health, dress etc. makes himselflook uglier in the eyes of others.Others rejection- if the person is not considered important by others and are not givenproper benefits that means that they are being abused by others (Krugman, 2010).There are various causes of abusing, most of the time old women and weak ladiesare being a victim. Whereas, most of the women are dependent on other one’s. So in thatcase they can’t protect herself. Moreover, in an organisation most of the people who wantto get high success . But in that situation some of the company has create a bad impact onthat. They done so many wrong things and get abuse.If a person harms itself either physically or mentally it is known as self abuse. Thepeople can harm oneself for many reasons. The self harming at last give the person freedomfrom the pain as well as trauma he is going through. By the help of self injury one can controlits emotions as well as learn to feel protected (Lambert, 2010).
2SAFEGUARDING IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CAREAC1.2: D1Review risk factors which may lead to incidenceof abuse and/or harm t self and otherNow a day it is seen that the people in the society are more prone to cause harm to others.Below given are the elements that may cause harm to the society. Any of the given elementspresent in the individual will create a possibility of ill treatment in the society (Krugman,2010).The danger of ill treatment is more in the unsafe adult:Improper communication skills.Deny taking the help.Inappropriate attitude.Offensive attitude.The need of the service provider as well as the other is not takes into account.Do not involve any extra units (Lambert, 2010).Depend on the service provider for the economical cause.Depend too much on the service provider for the physical as well as psychologicalattention.Risk factor- There are so many risks factor which are affected to individual personality. Inthat case most of the people may commit suicide.Drug availability: this is the one of the major risk factor , in this drug addiction is one of badthing in an individual. Availability of drug may occur people do any thing. Some timesoverdose of drug is may consist abuse and harm in their physics.Poverty: This is the also one major risk factor which has create a risk. In this point peoplewho relay in blow poverty line mostly they attract all those thing which are creating renderimpact on the individual personality. In this risk people do anything about concerningmaintain their lively-hood.
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